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introducing, another bold new feature for cock-jokery.... Entroducing:


Hondo's Wikibar


That's right. You mocked the F.A.Q. so, despite its helpfulness, and non-cancer-inducing ways. Now? we can make entires for "Hot Costner" and every other inside joke under the sun, link em back and call it a day...and that's just one use.


Go nuts, try to be useful, or at least funny....and enjoy!


i cant believe it worked

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im not sure how this works....so, uh, if you ever wanna know what a test looks like: whoomp, there it is.


The link to the wiki should be in most every forum; ill likely put one up top of the main page in the green, seemingly invisible taskbar.

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Ok, its working just fine...needs forthcoming entires, but structure first! ill make some categories tonight.


Jack Kirby's Thoughts my classic idea of a Hondo's Greatest Hits idea could be really implemented here, and there'd be a great one-stop to point newbies to...you know, after The F.A. motherfucking Q.


I think its really promising. gonna go work on it more.




How's this work exactly? lol


anyone can pretty much edit any post, i'm guessing


btw, thanks for the password reset...


pretty much, everyone's allowed to read it. Most member/member groups can edit it, i think itll tag or keep a history of edits as well...should be much like normal wiki in theory, i guess we'll see.


and no problem, sorry you gots locked out for a bit.

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haha...yeah, we cant get too eletist, much smaller circle!


i only got 2 sub-categories so far; im debating a 3rd "WTF did he just say to me? I think that man just called me a homosexual" category for some of us to know what the euros/ozlanders are sayin.


My money on the biggest contributors? Jax, MH, and 2T. we'll see, but definitely 2T.

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is this an actual wikia, or did you just create this on your own.


I'd say, start making inside joke articles... ha ha


and biographies...


but, like WP policy states, YOU CAN'T EDIT YOUR OWN BIOGRAPHIES... it's not NPOV (neutral point of view), so things like that are reverted... meaning, that's right...


Jax entry can be edited and written by arch, and VICE VERSA!!!


with no say so from jax/arch as to what is written!!!

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