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Games on your mobile phone


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Right now I play Bejeweled and only bejeweled on my phone. Aarty is right; it's totes addicting!! When I was sick I got up to a high score of 67,200 on Advanced mode.

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Damo(Meltd0wn/Venom) pirates shit like this all the time. When polyphonic tones broke he had a program & cd with like 1500 full tones & like 120 java games. On my main phone I have...


Air Grifin(which doesn't work)'

Pyramid Bloxx



Project Gotham Racing

Rock Band(not like the new one, it's a management sim)

Monkey Ball Tilt


Tower Bloxx


And on my old phone I keep simply for all the games I have on it


Xmen Legends 2

Aleste(Raiden clone)

Civilistaion 3

Johnny Crash(fucking awesome)


Racing Fever 2



Mr & Mrs Smith(fun fps shooter)

Tower Bloxx(yes again)

Word king Spelltris(I forgot I had this actually)


These are all ones I've paid for, and I'm less mad on ém now since I have a ds. Here they go for about AU$7 a pop.

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Hmmm I have a Nokia 6020 and I have these:



-Beach Rally

-Backgammon II



(yeah I know, really crappy)


I was looking for new ones and I found: Need For Speed Carbon, South Park the Game, Metal Slug 3 and the Bejeweled... Now I want to buy thoses!!

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... you're fucking kidding me right?


Even Ly's response leads me to wonder, what kind of exposure do javagames have in the States?


*sigh* bish is never around these days.


we talked about this recently, he & I: being as the japanese, for instance, are said to be spending a shit-ton of time in transit, theyre buying like 3 DS's a piece. its so huge, the biggest RPG series over there just announced the next game was skipping home consoles and going straight to that. its crazy.


So, big name games like Parasite Eve 3 and others get announced for cellphones and we're over here thinking "the fuck?!" cause were playing Tetris and Arkanoid on ours. Bish says our phone tech, as far as gaming, is years behind them, so i dont know where you guys fall under but that's possibly true of your courntry, too. We're buying HDTV's and were just not there yet with the phone games...give it a bit, im sure itll catch on at some point, with all these portable electronic multimedia device craze.

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Chances are though, we'll always be behind a few years in cell phone games. Kinda a shame, but what'cha gonna do? In Japan they have full 3d fucking cellphone games and all that shit, and that's NORMAL, we have some really expensive phones here that can kinda do that, but not many. I heard we might finally be getting Before Crisis here in the states, but I know that my phone can't fucking run it. Best i have on mine is Millitary Madness and Ys 1.


I heard the first Phoenix Wright is out for some carriers. Also, while many of the games on these phones have the same name as major console releases (God of War, Xmen Legends), in the US at least they are COMPLETELY different (and often shitty) games.

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