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BBC: Planet Earth

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Anyone know about this? im downloading it now, came highly recommended as a well-done, HD presentation looking at all the earth's environments, one per episode. Ive read nothing but good, and will of course review when ive seen some in like a week or two, just wondering if anyone caught/heard anything.

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We watched the series over here on BBC, and it is indeed amazing.

I have a lot of respect for David Attenborough, and some of the shots took them months, the Snow Leopard was one.

This will be one of the first BlueRays i purchase when i get my PS3


(which will be soon, cos when i sell my car, i'm getting a new tv, and PS3)

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nice! losifer and bishopcruz are looking to join the club soon too, i think


that's good news, and yeah i saw that Attenborough guy's name mentioned before as well....how much of it did you see, any highlights? youre not the first to say its one theyd actually get on blu-ray/HD.

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One of the best (if not the best) documentaries I've ever seen! I liked it so much I had to buy it! I got it on dvd... yes I know it's a travesty, but I don't have no gay ass PS3! The version that they're showing here in the states on cable has Sigourney Weaver narrating! It's good, but it ain't no David Attenborough! He's awesome!

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Nabbed the blu-ray for $50 or so...damn, this thing is fucking beautiful.


Sen's an episode or more ahead of me, but if any locals wanna watch this the way it needs to be watched, gimme a call. I swear to god, youre gonna see animals you didnt know existed, no lie.


Getting The Blue Planet next (the one on the sea), i read the same team is doing Life in Cold Blood, their reptile/amphibian series for next year. I don think weve stopped watching this all week, even re-watching early episodes, and were not even halfway done.

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wait, why arent you online with your 360? that's the more pertinent question than, you know, asking why you're buying soon-to-be dead tech like HD-DVD.


oi, don't get me started.


the first xbox i got would'nt connect to internet for some reason, that broke recently and i now have a new one but i have'nt tried connecting yet. anyway even if this does connect i won't be able to play online cos my broadband box is in the kitchen and my xbox is in my room and i can't afford the wireless adapter at the moment. so that's why

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i still havent seen the water/sea one i noticed recently, but it seems like the success has spawned another series, looks great so far.






Our planet may be home to more than 30 million different animals and plants. And every single one is locked in its own life-long fight for survival. Life uncovers some extraordinary strategies they've developed to stay alive and to breed.


Using state-of-the-art filming techniques, this 10-part BBC One series, narrated by David Attenborough, is about extreme behaviour. It's survival of the fittest in their battle against daily life or death challenges.


Mind-blowing behaviour captured for TV for the first time includes cheetahs working together to bring down prey twice their size; the courtship battle, known as the heat run, of the humpback whale; a huge number of enormous Humboldt squid joining forces for night-time hunting; and the legendary, fearsome Komodo dragons bringing down their buffalo prey.


Four years in the making, Life is full of surprises, drama and spectacle. It's nature but not as you know it.


There are strange creatures such as the star-nosed mole, the stalk-eyed fly and the weedy sea dragon.


There are epic spectacles including millions of fruit bats darkening the Zambian sky, dozens of polar bears feasting on a whale, and a billion butterflies cloaking a forest in Mexico.


The series music is specially created by award-winning composer George Fenton (Plant Earth, Blue Planet).*


trailer's here, official site is here.


10 episodes, seems pretty thorough (as ever). supposed to be ongoing right now on BBC, oughta see a bluray release by the holidays.


this shot of the insects episode has me intrigued/frightened.



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