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Seeing as how Jax thinks he knows 'bout this, i wanna put some of these names out there & have a thread for them. I dont think many on here are familiar with much of this list, and that's a shame: i know the euros might not be as exposed to it, but tehre's some amazing stuff here; much like the blues before, this is a genre which hip-hop, R&B, pop, etc owe much to.


Its a tough list, personally, as i like at least a song or two from many of them, but i do tend to lean towards Bill Witehrs and a few others...do me a favor, though: if youre just gonna vote for Marvin Gaye as the most reconignizable name, dont do it for "sexual healing", go check out "inner city blues" or some of his other great songs, too.


For fans of the genre, i just put up my favorite names and those I'm familiar with; feel free to add more here and ill toss em up.

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A number of them didnt record for Motown, im looking more at the genre than the label. and we're done adding names for the moment, comment on the ones who're there. Jesus, i regret expanding poll options sometimes....youve got a bunch of people arent really gonna know these people, and all you wanna do is add more names for them instead of talk about the 25 or so up there. Id post links but i cant access youtube there.

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Awesome. Do you see "Soul" anywhere before your post? Does the subtitle say "dead nigger storage" anywhere? No? Then talk about the 25 or so names up there or get the fuck out, youre destroying the sexy mood for this topic that the delfonics are trying to set.

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someone's getting a marvin gaye album for christmas, if even burned.


people demand such polls, then only 2 votes. Unacceptable!


Got 'em, actually...


I voted for Stevie to discover you have not voted yet. WLN voted for Cooke, Aarty for Gaye adn I for Wonder.




That's because all he wants to do is bitch, bitch, bitch...

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i'd heard a few songs before, but not known the name till this week. and Curtis Mayfield is the fucking truth. He's up in my book like Bill Withers and shit, guy's amazing. Some favorites at the moment:


"Move on Up" (and yes, Kanye doesnt know what "sampling" means)



"(Dont Worry) If there's a hell below, we're all gonna go" - ASC in particular, i think, oughta dig this one.



more to come.


also, for Aarty: an excellent montage put to "Inner City Blues", one of my favorites from Gaye.


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I woulda voted for Womack based purely on a couple of songs. If he was in the poll.



As is, I had to vote for The Delfonics.



Are we including Funk in this? It can be a thin line. Strawberry Letter 23 is my all time favorite funk song of all time.


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