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Prolly one of my surprise hits this year, i was expecting a puzzle mini-game with Orange Box and got one of the most fun puzzle games ive played, with so much character its crazy. The gun drones, companion cubes, all of it - and perhaps the most memorable last boss/ending ive seen in years. Short, but top notch all around.


Do yourself a favor, dont listen to the ending song, cake jokes, any of it till you play it, its totally worth it. Oh, and if you wanna try out the flash/2D version to see what the physics/engine is like, click here


awesome Portal papercraft





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absolutely not, i prolly should but i tried the first one the other day and it whupped me bad enough to get back into half life 2/team fortress, orange box is a tricky thing that way.


i should get back to it, but i just borrowed a buncha games offa bish & newt, so its kinda on the backburner for the moment, especially with the realization that the only way id ever have a chance at the aperture science achievement (beat all advanced missions with gold medal, natch) is by using gameFAQs for every single step.

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you beat the game, you think you've got the physics down pat, so you load up some of the advanced missions, and scratch your head going "...there's no fucking way. unless...unless you port onto that moving plank, then from there, and there, to...no, there's gotta be some other way, that's some impossible matrix shit, they cant expect me t..."



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Who wants to complicate something simple like Portal with needless stupidity?! :lottie:


This guy!



However it kind of goes against his point as the principal enemy of the game is a female and the turrets have female voices, not "boyish" ones as he states.





God I love the internet.

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I can honestly say Portal was one of the most rewarding gaming experiences I've had in a long while. It actually felt like playing again, like when videogames were new. A completely unique and enjoyable experierence with that classic Valve black sense of humor.


Managed to do all of the Advanced maps. Got my CRAZY VANILLA CAKE for it! Haven't gotten around to doing the f***in' medal runs. Complete a map in 4 STEPS!!!


OH! And one of the best endings I've seen in a while!!


Check out this Flash animation when you can!


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