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Either I still don't get your sense of humour or you're cruisin' for a bruisin' JMT. Was the KoS/SoF comment a joke, huh? Huh? :D



Giovanni Ribisi as Frank Jr, Phoebe's brother, was cool too, for his excellent performance as a bug-eyed guy who likes to melt things (that was a stretch for him! :D ).



Frank Jr.: "It's just been a really hard year ya know, what with my mom kicking me out and the whole punctured lung thing... and in cold weather it's still really hard to take deep breathes, but all that kind of went away when Alice was around. i just don't know why she broke up with me."

Phoebe: "Well i know, it was me."

Frank Jr.: "What?"

Phoebe: "Well i kind of made Alice see why you two shouldn't be together.. and you'll see it too you just need some time."

Frank Jr.: "You did what? i thought you were the only one i could trust i mean my mom didn't approve of us but the worst she ever did was kicking me out of the house... you know, i would storm out of here right now, if i had some money or a place to go."



Frank Jr.: "My sister's gonna have my baby!!"



Phoebe: "...it's for the best."

Frank Jr.: "Yeah if "for the best" means UNBELIEVABLE PAIN!!"

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Just got to thinking of Saving Private Ryan, then remembered Adam Goldberg as Eddie, Chandler's new flatmate for a few episodes who turns out to be a bit nuts.


Chandler: "What did we do yesterday Eddie?"

Eddie: "Don't you remember? We went on a road trip to Vegas!!"

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I guess you don't get my sense of humor, KoS. It's like when I'm in my car listening to classic rock station with my sister. She know's so little about classic rock, it borders on a mental hanicapp. I tried to get her into just a little by buyin her Beatles' 1 and Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon. So 'Money' will come ont eh radio. She'll say "oh, i know this one! The beatles, right?" I'll say something like "Pink Floyd' actually, but know, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, it's all the same!" So if you notice that is was IC that confused you two, it was a jab (in good nature, by the way) at him, not you or SoF. Understand?

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I do that too. I make a joke that has a certain tone to it and assume people will get that it's a joke and exactly ho I meant it (playfully, with malice, poking fun, etc). I forget that sometimes people don't get my sense of humor when I'm speakign tot ehm in person, let alone in text form   :D

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Not really, just the only one on this board. It's just a show that's too easy to love. I think it's taken a very preictable path over the past few years, but it's a character show. Shows that have several well developed interesting characters is just irresistable. That why I like That 70's show so much. Great characters (especially Hyde).

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Plus I often find in sitcoms that character are real, but just props for delivering jokes. The characters in Friend you get sense that you know them and know what they would do i certain situations and get a feel for what makes them tick. I'm not saying Friends is brilliant, but they definitely concentrate on character development and it shows. Same with Seinfeld, except Seinfeld just had some of the most brilliant writing!

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See Seinfeld I loved, along with Cheers and Frasier.


I disagree about the character development. I think instead each character has found a niche it feels comfortable with and is now typecast.


I think the scriptwriting often has as much flair as a long list of other mediocre American sitcoms, Will and Grace, Cybill, Spin City.....


I just don't see the attraction, thats all. Gonna have to agree to disagree on this one.

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