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Hey everyone! It's me again!


Anyway, I'm part of a team that's been hard at work on a new social networking site that's mainly geared towards artists (and musicians, and bands, and film-makers, and on and on and on) but is open for everyone!



If you love me, like me, hate me, or anywhere in between...please, checks it out!





Anyway, I hope this doesn't go against the rules or anything... :wink:



Also, an Easter Egg...because I love easter eggs


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awesome, sorry i missed this and the "art or crap?" thread for so long.


ima try to be on for the site's premier, i work that day but later on i think. sounds awesome! any previews, stillB? also, is that image cool, or you got another for our links page?

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I'll pimp it, but I have nothing unique to offer otherwise, and I think I'll let the village idiot/token Aussie gong go to someone more deserving. My shit seems to work here but nowhere else. Sure seems like I'm missing out on some fun though. ^_^

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It's pretty much dead in the water at this point. Our funding ran out before we could actually start advertising and whatnot.


Probably for the better, though. We're currently working on something bigger and better.

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crap, my bad man, id meant to help advertise it more.


Not your fault, man. If anything, it was inexperience on our part. This next project'll be huge though...I'll say more when I'm authorized to do so.

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