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Corpus Christi is better!


Q: Where did they get the name Corpus Christi from anyways? Is that something you'd ever name a kid?


I haven't a clue and I'm too lazy to hit google or wikipedia. So I have no clue.


As for the name, no. I wanna name my children after Frank Zappa's kids. Dweesil and Moon Unit mostly. Though I'm sure the keeper of the uterus will protest.

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From what I've saine, Maryland and Maine are the most like what I feel comfortable with. I like an area with lots of trees and nature around me, I said Baltimore because if there was any city on the East Coast that mildly interests me it's that one, it's got character. Of course I don't want to live in ANY city, ideally I would like to live outside of a small coastal town in Maine or a secluded house out in the woods. The more trees the better.

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you could live in the suburbs of DC... they're conservative in virginia, too

next q:


ummm... west coast!! including nevada and NM, and AZ???


Man fuck Chevy Chase and fuck DC I've been there and I hated it.


Well if I'm limited to cities Portland, but just Oregon in general

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ok... now for the ultimate one of this set...






Well as little as I know about Florida that's a hard call to make. The only cities I really know anything about are Orlando and Miami and I don't care for either one. So what the fuck, Tallahassee.

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TLH is not a real city, its only importance is as a capital like, omaha, or raleigh, or sacramento... i meant the big cities


Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm, Fort Myers, Naples, Orlando, Tampa, St. Pete, Jacksonville, and Pensacola


pick outta that list

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