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Tatsunoko Vs Capcom


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Its a new/forthcoming Capcom 2D fighter, this time against Macross, Speed Racer, Robotech, Samurai Pizza Cats, Evangelion...im sort've guessing here. Anyway, you people eat this stuff up, so get excited! Famitsu pics are from here.







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Anyhow, Eva nad Robotech won't be in it. They were just anumated by TastuPro, not owned by them. Speed Racer in the game could be sweet, and Stig Bernard from Mospeada could be sweet as well.


However nothing beats Ken the Eagle from the greatest anime from the 70's: Gatchaman!!!!!!!!!!!




Dare da, dare da, dare da?!

Sora no kanata ni odoru kage

Shiroi tsubasa no Gatchaman

Inochi wo kakete tobidaseba

Kagaku Ninpo Hi no tori da


Tobe, Tobe Tobe Gatchaman!

Yuke! Yuke yuke Gatchaman!

Chikyuu wa hitotsu! Chikyuu wa hitotsu!


Oh Gatchaman, Gatchaman!!!!


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wow..didn't think there'd be a post for this game here. I thought I was the only one really into this sort of thing. While it seems like an MvC type of game, I need to see footage of this. I worry about the speed of the game since it's 3D models on a 2D plane.


Bish, while I fucking LOVED the GATCHAMAN intro and theme, CHA-LA HEAD CHA-LA holds a special place in my heart. Oh and I can't forget effing Casshern...The guy's dog turns into a drill, jet, race car, jetboat, expresso machine, spits fire into flashy logo! etc etc, you name it hes got it. For those who have never seen Casshern, see it for



I cannot wait for this damn game...PLEASE HAVE SUPERBOOK JESUS.

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2 new characters!


The recent location test announcement for Capcom arcade game Tatsunoko vs. Capcom hinted at new fighters. Well, impatient people, today we bring you new Tatsunoko vs. Capcom fighters! Pictured is Street Fighter III main character Alex, complete with droopy overalls and everything. Joining wrestler Alex is genius mechanic Gan-chan from Tatsunoko Production anime Yatterman.




more pics on the Kotaku link - i love how this thread got all the fighting fans to crawl out from the woodwork, so ill try to keep this updated.

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so, capcom's not entirely sold on bringing it here yet...hopefully, that'll change.


We haven't discussed any home console plans for the title yet, so platform discussions are a bit premature. All that's been anounced is arcade... There are a lot of licensing issues around the title given that those properties are held by different companies across the West and they vary by territory greatly. It was created as a Japan-only project but we're investigating.
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so yeah, i know the few of you hardcore 2-D fighter fans are likely reading kotaku too, but just in case, ill keep the updates comin'.




More characters join the Tatsunoko vs. Capcom fray! Previously, it was announced that the Capcom side was getting Street Fighter III's Alex and the Tatsunoko side was getting Gan-chan from anime Yatterman. The latest brawlers in this gaming characters versus anime character fight: Darkstalkers' Morrigan Aensland, Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams' Soki, Hurricane Polymar and Golden Warrior Gold Lightan. As game site Arcade Renaissance points out, the game's button layout seems similar to the Sengoku Basara X one. Something to keep in mind as Japanese arcade location tests kick off this weekend! That, and the possibility of even more new characters.


Darkstarlkers doesnt surprise me; funny that i didnt see Onimusha guy comin'.

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ive been importing fighters for yearsso this doesnt bother me however the fact that i wasnt the 1st to hear about this is quite bothersome..


Capcom is my FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAVORITE video game co. and i feel like they gave up on US consumers long ago when they keep CANCELLING their new fighters (Sammy VS Capcom any1?) Plus we'll never see another Marvel game from them cuz o acclaim's retarded rights-stealing #%!#%#..


SO EXCUUUUUUUUSE ME for giving up on hope for seeing something other than nowgettingmoreawsomethanitwasalready megaman and now-mediocre SF


but this looks promising.. plus i LOVED gforce no matter how ridiculous that series was..

(PS: I smell an infinite yoyo-combo ;)

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More good news! IT looks like one of the new Capcom characters to join the ranks is none other than Viewtiful Joe! Love that guy.




If they find a way to fit Ameratsu in there then Capcom can make nothing but Megaman X sequels for the rest of eternity and I will be okay with that...

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Honestly what I would honestly like to see is Capcom finally linking megaman and megaman x so that they can finally let the original series RIP.. and so that they can official-ize mysteries you already know like bass being zero (wily created zero btw) and who killed dr wily? (zero) etcetc


but anywho.. the only guys i remember being in sammy vs capcom is demitri, ryu, felicia or talbain ( i cant remember). and a mess o guilty gear folkz; im a huge darkstalkers fan if u havent figured it out btw ;) animations are way more creative and vibrant in my opinion (blus i luv pitting classic monsters against each other woot!)


and also just a few years ago there was namco vs capcom.. dont know how well it did but it couldnt have been as good as the would-be sammy vs capcom could it? (remember snk/playmore sold out to sammy so just imagine).. all dat wasted potential i swear :/


ps sammy apparently took over sega too (news to me) and got the rites to sf chars.. guess that didnt last long huh?



however I just saw this vid and im luvin how they made use of the megaman legends megaman woot!


and after looking up viewtiful joe.. omg -_-; lol!!!


yo putting alex in this game... sheer genius

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taken from latest Nintendo Power, looks like were getting it after all!



...and already sequel talk? taken from here:


Anyway, the creator, Ryouta Niizuma, wants to make a sequel, hoping to please more and sell more.


Also note that he mentioned the characters that didn't make it in the final 22 (they were saving for more in the sequel), either out of copyright issues and balance. Although he might consider them for the sequel.


Tatsunoko Side :


- Joe the Condor (Gatchaman)

- Yatterman #2

- Shulato (from Shulato)

- Soul Taker

- Nakahara Komugi

- Daikyojin (mecha of Yattodetaman, another Time Bokan series anime)

- Berg Katse (enemy of Gatchaman)

- Tekkaman Evil

- Braiking Boss (enemy of Casshern)

- JJ (Zillion)


Capcom Side :


- Leon

- Nash (Charlie)

- Date Masamune

- Arthur

- Ibuki

- Vega (M. Bison)

- Lei-Lei/Hsein-Ko

- Zero Gouki (Cyberbots mecha... who acts like Gouki)

- Tiara Hime (look up Gaia Masters, another Japan only, obscure Capcom game)

- Nero

- June

- Rouge

- Tyrant

- Hinata Wakaba

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