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I honestly had no idea what to expect going into this one. I wanted it to be good, but I didn't expect it to explode with a cast of borderline insane characters centered around the school's glee club. I initially had my own reservations, just because of all the High School Musical comparisons I was running in my head, but when the first actual line of the show comes into play ("You think this is hard? Try being waterboarded, that's hard.") I was hooked into it.


The characters are practically all touched in the head in some way, humor is born of situations and characters more than jokes, and all of the background music is a capella. The first episode is all introductions, but even that I didn't really mind. I'm mostly just pissed off I have to wait so long for the second episode.

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Great show, just hulu'd the first 4 episodes and am hooked. Thing I like is that the characters are great, stereotypes, but the school is surreal, as is the show, so it works. I think the balance of being able to do drama without darkening the show too much has been key. That, and it's been a while since I've seen a show that can put a big dopey grin on my face at its best.


Highly recommended.

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Oh good, I didn't have to revive this myself at the end of the season.


The character drama is great, as the more over-the-top aspects of each of the adults begins to affect the normal high-school drama issues of the students.

It got picked up for a full season, so it's nice to knwo we'll get that at least. Though I do wonder how long they can keep the gimmick going, it'll be fun to see.

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Because Fox premiered the pilot episode far in advance of the fall season to build anticipation and allow word of mouth to spread from those who found it to those who would find it interesting. Possibly one of the most clever things Fox has ever done with a long-shot show.

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oh.. ok. good thing cause fox is really lacking in good tv for a long time.


"nowadays, being anonymous is worse than being poor" - rachael


the style is like chicago and scrubs in a high school setting... its comedy is better than a lot of full feature movies lately (like the way they put in melodies of songs that the lyrics fit the scenes), and i can't remember the last time any movie or tv show as done a good job at portraying a true sense of hard work and accomplishment


oh.. and thumbs up for their chicago + journey songs.

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Just bumping this back up because it's been fun and alot of the songs are great!


One thing this has done is reminded me how much I love acapella stuff when it's done well, I think I'll start a thread on the music boards about that.


I don't think it's been said but everyone on the show is a pretty good singer to flat out fantastisc, will and racheal are the best though, Racheal voice is just awesome.


There is a bit of a disconect when they do a great piece and it's like... guys you have to do better then that lol. Several of the actors have done alot of theater stuff including pieces on boardway. Most surpising is I believe the male teenage male lead(flynn) has no prior singing experience.

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