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For many years, Pixar was releasing movies at about a rate of one every 18 month. Now, they feel comfortable having every summer be a Pixar summer, and Up is this summer's installment.




We hear it ever time a new Pixar film (except maybe with Cars) comes out: "This is Pixar's best film yet!" The problem is, on at least some level, it's usually true. And it's true again this time. Pixar has made it's best film ever. At least, somewhat. Whether any Pixar films is better than any other is a hard thing to determine, but Pixar films work on many different levels, and sometimes some Pixar films work better on one level than another. The cast on this movie was not a strong point. There is not a strong ensemble here like in Toy Story or the Incredibles. Like last year's WALL-E, this story focuses on one character and anyone else exists to advance that chatacter's story. The strength here is in the maturity. Despite a large colorful chocolate loving bird, a chipmunk voiced dolberman and a lovable dumb golden retriever, it never feels like a kids movie.


Anyway, it's good, if you like Pixar films, go see it.

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Saw this opening weekend and I enjoyed it very much, I still say wall-e ranks as my fav(so much heart in that film) but this was a blast and at this point I can say they can do no wrong(they've earned that.) Your right that it doesn't really feel like a kids movie and it has a couple of really heart retnching moments which work really well. 2 thumbs up!!

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I loved this movie...I never got to take my nephew to see it, but he got it when it came out on DVD and we watched it together....LOVED IT! Then, to my joy, they played in on the plane ride to NH...and then, we bought it in NH so Benny's parents could see it...I can't get enough of it...



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