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here's lookin' at you, seej.


to be honest, my first experience with the SMT series was Persona 1 on PSX, and it was so obscure and the system was so foreign to me, i got halfway through before i ran with another J-RPG (Suikoden). I missed out entirely on 2: Eternal Punishment, but that's ok, we only got half of it here anyway.


It took me years to realize that Digital Devil Saga, Devil Summoner, and the more popular Persona are all spinoffs of Shin Megami, a series that's been going since the SNES days. Even now, my only experience with the series proper is Nocturne, a game so dark its about as close as Berserk gets to an RPG. Ive still got to finish it...its uh, its not easy.


Still, the series in general gets much love (and a lot more relevant talk on the thread i linked to with Nocturne there), but with Strange Journey just announced for the DS, i figure we could talk more about it.


That said, anyone like myself who's in the dark about some of the series, here's a complete history on it. Try back later if they're down, i think the site's getting bombed lately.

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related to this thread, a remake of Persona 1 is on its way to PSP this fall; conceivably, if it does well, many fans are hoping the complete P2 will be ported as well.


Also, aside from finishing Nocturne (...) and getting into P4, ive been told Digital Devil Saga 1 & 2 are solid as well, plot/charcater-wise, but that they're almost more an intro to the series, not having the pokemon-demon fusion and all, anyone know about this? thoughts? id ask newt to borrow em later, but he's offline right now. hearing mixed things about Devil Summoner.

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^^is this legit? im reading he replaced Dante in the japanese re-release, wondering how that went down. i.e., did you end up hating that dude as much as i did Dante from this game? cause lemme tell you, Dante Must Die mode sounded appealing after those skirmishes here.

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yeah, im still early on but loving it, i didnt think id take the characters like i did in 3, but Yosuke and Chie are central to my team, ive learned to love them both.


to illustarte the power of Persona: Sen not only has the theme song as her ringtone, game got her to quit WoW. few J-RPGs can make this claim...shit's addicting though, its the king of "ima just play a few more days" and boom, its 4AM.

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what the hell, man



Digital Devil Saga, the Demi-Fiend(aka Hitoshura) :






-Only Almighty and Earth attacks hurt him.

-He has an endless army of backup demons, provided by Cu Chulainn, Girimehkala, Titania, Pixie, Parvati, and Arahabaki. If you don't kill one in 30 turns, it will suicide and full heal him.

-If you go into the battle nulling anything, he will instant kill your entire party with Gaea Rage: 9999 damage. In a game with a 999 HP cap.

-After switching demons, he will eventually use Gaea Rage. Before this happens, a demon(either Pixie or Parvati) will cast Dormina, an AOE sleep skill. The only way to survive the skill is to use the Null Sleep skill, which negates any damage inflicted while asleep. If no one falls asleep? It's over.

-After sustaining 1200 HP damage, he will immediately summon a demon to full heal him, one time only.

-Level 99 will not help. Only strategy and piles of good fortune.


Persona 3, Elizabeth:




-Must be fought solo.

-You can not use the 9999-damage-inflicting Armageddon skill against her. If you do, she'll use it on you.

-Same as Hitoshura. Go into the fight nulling anything, she will Armageddon and bury you.

-Weaknesses and strengths change each turn, as do her attacks.


so uh, anyone ever beat either of these beasts?

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Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers (Saturn title but w/ full voice) announced for 3DS


Shinobi is reporting that a 3DS version of Soul Hackers has been announced by Atlus in this week's Famitsu. According to him, the game will have full voice acting and other new features. It's scheduled for release on August 30.


if you're like me asking "which one was this", check this out - it looks awesome if you're down for persona 1-era dungeon crawling.

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So I've been playing Persona 3 and am really liking it right now. I can't help but think that there is something I'm doing wrong in my play style, but i think that is just a natural RPG feeling until really getting into it. It's a good game and makes me curious about the other games in the series.


I know it isn't part of the series, but I was thinking about grabbing GrimGrimoire also. Any feedback for that one?

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never did play that one, but iv heard some SMT fans say it wasn't bad.


if this is your first shin megami game, here's what you're likely doing wrong:


1) grinding is good but your personas are what saves you, having one of most element affinities is a must. that said, do not cling to them - their stats are your stats, so you never want to be using one that's levels way below your main character's.

always be catching and merging them, later you'll get shit like "immune to physical" and such!


2) also unlike FF and many JRG's, this series stresses buffs/debuffs. you really need to learn what dekunada and those ones do - making your allies stronger/lowering the attack and defense of bosses is imperative for survival. don't ignore these skills like you would in other series!


hope that helps man.

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Sweet. Haven't run into a problem with the 2nd one yet, but I'm keeping that in mind. And yeah I wasn't sure if I should just stick to one persona and over level, or switch up, or just grind each one. Taking all that into consideration. Thanks man!

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for an enhanced port of a PS1 game (which was an enhanced port of a Saturn game, yo dawg) this is looking good. I kinda dig that it's a fast-paced dungeon crawler, i'll be down for that and it should look lovely on an XL. cannot wait for a date.

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