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Collecting various Satr Wars shiz constitutes a "hobby." So here goes two new apparel items I want for Christmas.


I haven't bought a pair of hightop sneakers since jr. high, but these babies just might break the streak. Addidas has about a dozen other SW inspired shoes as well.





These hats are available only in Japan. They run for around $60-$70 each.






My personal fave of the bunch is the Han in carbonite hat. So tight.

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oh dear god....I'll have to get back to you as far as our actual collection goes,




darth vader ep 3

yoda ep 2


gamarian guard

biker scout (which i will keep for all time).

8 storm trooper busts total, different variations

boba fett (never leaving us ever)

A full sized scale of Vaders Full Armor

A full sized scale of Boba fett's armor

A full sized scale of biker scout armor

a full sized scale of tie fighter armor

(we like the dark side!)


I think we have 16 or so (busts) total, but I'd have to get a count from what we also have in storage.


My last count we had over 1200 'toy figures' that is not including what Logan owns. Some of my busts are under the #100 mark.



Not to forget to mention the boba fett vacuum formed armor signed by Boba the Fett himself, Jeremy Bulloch who we had to drive to dinner and back whilst putting Kenny baker to bed becuase a few too many...


about a dozen shirts or so, a bahizillion stickers and other odds and ends, and about 40 or so posters.



I'll add pics later.

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Specifically, car directions, as UK users of TomTom GPSes can now download Darth Vader's voice for them. Frankly, I'd think TomTom could just automatically send Vader's voice to all of their subscribers and charge them all the 13 pounds because fuck it, who doesn't want Darth Vader as their GPS? I can't even imagine.


Speaking of can't even imagine, apparently Yoda's voice is due in June, C-3PO's voice will be available in July, and -- here's where it gets weird -- Han Solo's voice will be released in August. Um, the hell? I know Harrison Ford didn't sign up for this. Or did he? Does Lucasfilm have a new young Solo voice? Did Harrison Ford get so drunk on the set of the Crystal Skull that TomTom employees could secretly record his drunken ramblings, which they've been painstakingly re-editing into GPS instructions? I seriously need to know.


I would totally get a GPS if we ever get something like this.

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Review of new AT-AT before it hits stores. It's probably one of the coolest toys ever made. Ever.


New At-At on the left, previous one on the right.






Short version: Holy @#$% this is the best Star Wars toy ever. I'm not even kidding. I think it even beats the massive Millennium Falcon Hasbro released two years ago, although I might be biased since I'm a bigger fan of the AT-AT than the Falcon. Point is, when this thing comes out in August, if you see it, you buy it.


If you're some kind of soulless nerds who needs actual reasons to buy a giant AT-AT toy, well, here's some brief stats:


• It stands over two feet tall

• It holds up to 20 figures

• It comes with an AT-AT Driver

• It has emits dozens of sounds and Star Wars quotes from both the movie and Clone Wars

• It fires two missile projectiles

• It has an improved head-movement system over the original

• It comes with a speederbike

• And more


No seriously, there's more. A lot more.

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A friend got me 8 or so of the new Empire figures released on the "vintage cardstock" for my birthday and that set me on an Empire nostalgia streak. So last week I bought the new AT-AT (reviewed a few posts back) as well as the latest version of Luke's snowspeeder. My gf really toyed w/ my emotions (puns!) though. She had me all psyched I was dating someone that would embrace and genuinely get excited over me purchasing a frickin' AT-AT but then she referred to the snowspeeder as a "snowmobile" in conversation. *sigh* So close to perfection. I'm still chalking it up as a big win though in the geek gf category though.


Oh, and this thing exists now for some reason:



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