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Batman: Arkham City


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What I saw of Arkham Asylum looked fun and I can't wait to play it, but this... this looks like a terrible idea. I mean I could watch Hammil and Conroy play Batman and Joker until the end of days, and it's only reasonable that the first truly good Batman game should have a sequel, but do they really want to just have the same game only in Gotham City as a whole rather than Arkham? This just seems like a baby step where a big one should be taken in its stead, this worries me that Batman will become a Madden/Dynasty Warriors game with new characters but roughly the same gameplay/story till the end of time.

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<embed type="application/x-shockwave-flash" src="http://a.blip.tv/api.swf#hqUXgsXMXgI" style="display:none"></embed>


Ho. Ly. Shit. This is like the Grand Theft Batman game I always wanted. Those may be the coolest in game combat sequences I've ever seen.


Very goddamn excited.

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I didn't either, is he lame again? I honestly forgot they were the same person, not the first time I've done it either. Penance isn't nearly as absurd.


Now, Speedball's head bouncing off the floorboard makes me smile.

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