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2012 Summer Olympics in London

Mr. Hakujin

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It's only a year away, so why not start a thread for it. The official medal design for the 30th Modern Olympiad was recently released.Good news is no one really looks at the back anyway.




The medal design for the 2012 London Olympics was released on Wednesday at a ceremony celebrating one year to go before next summer's Opening Ceremony.


Weighing in at around 14 ounces, the medals are thought to be among the heaviest in Olympic history.


British designer David Watkins designed the back of the medal, which incorporated the bulky logo for London 2012 as well as a number of metaphorical features that nobody will remember 365 days from now.


Among them:


• Intersecting lines meant to convey togetherness and outreach through looking like the background to your fourth-grade school portrait.


• The River Thames fluttering behind the logo; suggesting a "fluttering barqoue ribbon, adding a sense of celebration." This is where Olympic medal design explanations always get me. Why does there need to be additional symbolism behind the Thames? Isn't the fact that it's London's major waterway enough? Giving a reason for its inclusion is like yammering some nonsense about how "London" is written on the front because its six letters represent the six continents participating in the Games.


• The square "is the final balancing motif of the design, opposing the overall circularity of the design, emphasising its focus on the centre and reinforcing the sense of 'place' as in a map inset." Translation: "The medal looked uglier without it."


Symbolism nonsense aside, it's a fine medal. London officials didn't do Watkins any favors with the jagged logo they created three years ago, but he wisely kept the 2012 small and minimized its impact by surrounding it with distractions.


Nike, the Greek Goddess of Victory, is pictured on the front of the medal emerging from the Parthenon, as is customary at the Summer Olympics. Adhering to that tradition prevents medal-design disasters like Vancouver.


Approximately 2,100 medals will be awarded in London.


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This is the main reason I pay attention to the summer Olympics. The USA gymnastics team usually kicks major ass. I always wanted to be in gymnastics growing up and have watched it every time. It's the only really entertaining aspect of this event to watch. My t.v. will be tuned in all summer.

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Olympic spectators will be banned for wearing the wrong brand of clothes


HEAVY-HANDED security chiefs will ban Olympic spectators for wearing the wrong brand of clothes, it emerged yesterday.


Games boss Sebation Coe warned anyone wearing a Pepsi T-shirt is likely to be booted out because it would upset sponsors Coca-Cola.


And he only said spectators in Nike trainers “could probably” be allowed in although Adidas are also backing the event.


Coe defended the draconian move and said it was to protect corporate sponsors who have paid a fortune to be involved.


A cafe manager in London who displayed five bagels in the style of the Olympic rings was ordered to take them down. A butcher in Weymouth, Dorset, also had to take down five rings made from sausages.


In a tetchy interview for BBC radio, Coe said some of the stories circulating about the way the Olympic and sponsors’ brands are being protected was like the myths about the EU rules on “straight bananas”.


Asked if someone wearing a Pepsi T-shirt would be allowed in, Coe replied: “No."

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2012 Olympic Blargh!ish Post:


French Eurostar ads mock trad Brit "sports."




US Gymnast Aly Raisman's parents react to her uneven bar performance:






Speaking of Raisman, she has an interview that NBC producers used to exploit a crying teammate. Here's some context before you watch the vid...


American Jordyn Wieber is gymnastics' reigning World Champion and was a favorite to take home an all-around medal during the London Olympic games — until yesterday. Even though she performed well, it wasn't enough. Fate and goofy Olympic rules intervened and Wieber was knocked from the all-around final by her underdog teammate Aly Raisman. It's a difficult reality to face for anyone, especially a 17-year-old with a fierce competitive streak who has worked her entire life in the hopes of medaling in the Olympic games. But what made Wieber's upset feel like it could reach through the screen and squash your heart like a stewed tomato was a sadistic NBC cameraman's decision to film Raisman's post-victory interview with Jordyn Wieber crying and being consoled in the background. . .


Wieber's heartbreak came as a result of a rule that specifies that each country can only send two gymnasts to the individual all-around competition; because Wieber's combined score was lower than her teammates Raisman and Gabby Douglas, she was knocked out of competition for an individual medal. To further twist the knife, Wieber came away from the qualifying round with the fourth highest score in the entire field of competitors, out of all competing nations, and she's only lost two all-around competitions since 2008. But rules dictate that only the top two highest-scoring gymnasts from each team may compete. And so the presumed shoo-in, the world champion, the next Carly Patterson, was robbed


Damn. Poor kid. Now let's watch her cry as her teammate is interviewed! Scroll down for the vid.




Also, I watched this kid take it to China yesterday. Without a doubt the best ping-pong match I've seen since Forest Gump. And it was glorious. The kid had heart, but China was too strong for her. That training schedule they mention in the article is crazy though. I mean, damn.


The PA crew has a loooong way to go.

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I knew you'd dig it, Benz. A possible gold medal and a ring all in the same year for Lebron. The man is allowed to get, uh, emotional. :2T:


Nick, NBC has that shiz on lockdown. I don't think you'll see anything on youtube for long before it's gone. I tried watching some clips on the official website but it was way too ad heavy for me to bother with for long. :???: I haven't tried the live streaming vid though.

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Yeah I would LOVE to see Olympic Boxing, or just anything we don't see all the rest of the 4 years the Olympics aren't on. Even trying to download events is difficult except for the obvious contenders like Swimming and Running and Basketball and Football (Soccer). But with the whole Badminton scandal going on right now, I don't think it is going to rise in popularity like Curling did in the Winter Olympics.

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