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2012 Summer Olympics in London

Mr. Hakujin

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Yeah, supposedly some Asian teams lost on purpose during the seeding rounds to get favorable positioning for the Olympics. Like Asians need to do that.


You're referring to the badminton team... unbelievably shameful.


You would have to have a heart of stone to not be super happy for this guy:




The worlds greatest olympian in history is an American. That guy gave all our generations something to continue to be proud of.




But last night, USA vault team. cute youngun hunny dips killed it man. I was in awe.

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Just wanted to post my opinion about the whole Badminton scandal (because that is really the only sport I am following since I can not find ANYTHING about ping pong this year). They were disqualified because they didn't follow the Olympic standard of "trying your best" basically. But isn't it part of sport the strategy on and off the field (so to speak). Yeah, it may be bitch for the people watching to see your competitors purposely throw a match, but if that means a better chance for you to get a gold, I would consider that a very valid strategy for a team. It would be the same thing as disqualifying every swimmer who didn't try their best even though they only had to be in the top 8 to make it to the next round.

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The first African American, and woman of color to ever win a gold medal for the gymnastics all around, not to mention the first American to ever win gold both for the team and individual all around....Gabby Douglas.





Pretty fucking magnificent. Way to go. She has an awesome spirit, and she did great.


Also, IMO, Michael Phelps is still the greatest Olympic athlete. 20 medals, 16 of them gold, he's the only person in the world to win a couple of those events 3 times in a row. So over a course of 12 years, he's remained the fastest man in the water. In Beijing, he broke 7 world records. SEVEN. I'm actually kinda sad that this will probably be his last Olympics, but then at least maybe Ryan Lochte can win a gold medal on his own :P



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^^Agreed, Phelps is beast. I'm not to keen on Gabby Douglas' race playing in to her wins, but I guess it is a technical marker worthy of note. She just reminds me of the mad crush I had on Dominque Dawes back in the day. Speaking of hot Olympic athletes, these are my top three for 2012:



She was thought to be a contender for the gold medal, but she didn't qualify for the Russian team despite setting a long-jump record in 2011. If she were in London, she'd be #1 for me.


Darya Klishina





Leryn Franco





Lolo Jones





Ellen Hoog




Here's a list of lovely Olympic ladies as well.

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So Mo Farah won the 10000m for Britain yesterday. It was pretty emotional; he came to America to train, and trained with Galen Rupp. who is the American who won silver. They fought the whole way, and after the race, they were both so obviously happy for one another...it was hard not to get emotional about the whole thing. Here's the only video I could find with highlights of the race.




Check it out...it's pretty awesome.


Also, the more I learn about the South Korean fencing girl who was soooooo super wronged the angrier I get. The time keeper was a 15 year old volunteer, and he's the reason she lost. Who does that? Who uses a KID to keep TIME in the Olympics? I would have refused a stupid and glorified participation medal too. She would have won gold, had it not been for that kid. And I can't believe the officials didn't side with South Korea about the ruling either.


At least she's taking home a team gold though.



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ok wtf is with them throwing out people who aren't gonna win anything so they save their energy for ANOTHER race??? The whole badminton thing I can understand though I don't agree with it but now a runner has been thrown out as well. This is the first I have ever even heard of that rule or seen it enforced with such vigor.


edit: Runner has been reinstated...

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US Womens Soccer team is going to play Japan for GOLD on Thursday!!!!


The match this afternoon, USA vs Canada, was the most edge of your seat game of football I've seen in years!!!! We won it in the 122nd min, Alex Morgan got a header in like 30 seconds before it would have gone to penalty kicks.


Canada played so well, it was such an intense game. But USA persevered.


I love you Alex Morgan!!! <3 <3 <3



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Uh, you're kidding right? McLeod was warned at the half about holding the ball over 6 seconds, and I counted twice before that she held onto it for 15. The handball call is meh, but she (the ref) took it literal; I would expect nothing less in an Olympic medal match.


CANADA on the other hand...calling out the ref, saying she had "decided the game before it started"...WTF? Way to lose graciously. If you don't like a call, you appeal to the committee, and they will review it. You don't immediately call out the Ref, and the other team, and tell the press that there was some illegal shit going on. That's pathetic, and not how you play on a world stage.


Grow up, Canada.

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