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2011 NFL season


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Fuck my Life, Henne goes out, has a good night and the rest of the team fucks it up... and the best part are the people getting down on Henne now... seriously fuck it, I want to see 0-16, suck for luck and get bill cowher... so much wrong with last night.


The pats did what they wanted when they wanted, we have no running game at all, the fact it was our team cramping is fucking... there's no word for it fuck. fuck the pats, fuck the phins, fuck brady, fuck sparano, fuck everyone.... fuck.

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Think about it this way, Angel: the Dolphins usually do pretty decent in the beginning then screw it up in the end hurting the fans hearts year after year. If they start off bad, it can't get any worse, right?


It's only the first game. Give them some time.


I'm not going to gloat on the Pats win because its not in my nature and it really feels bad on the receiving end (Do unto others words words words)...


The season is young. Let's enjoy it week by week...

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ok, I admit to a bit of kneejerk due to the fact that I get emotional about my team. That said it was a shity way to open the game and now every other team has the blue print to beat us, yes they won't all be the pats and tom brady but fuck giving them any extra help.


Also I"m sorry but I even with this only being week 1 I just fear being basiclly 8-8 again, it's the worst place to be, if you lose a bunch at least you get a shot at an elite QB or other game changer. if you win alot... well problem solved. but just barely out of the playoffs means you proabbly won't get the change you need and thats where the phins have been for a long time, just good enough to win some, but not good enough to get further and not bad enough to make geting a game changer easy.


That said the fact is it's pretty much play offs or bust for Sparano and Ireland at this point, the fans are very close to rioting because we simply can't win at home lately(1 win in I believe 10 trys) this week the game will most likely be blacked out, which means low attendance at joe robbie and the rest of us pissed off we can't watch the game(yay streams).


Plus this could really get much worse, part of the D's problem was the fact they ran out of gas early, it's a conditioning issues and you can't fix that in 5 days when you can barely practice anymore. We have no way to fix the run game issue or the fact we are razor thin in our DB's. If we lose to the texans then we have to pray we can take the browns cause the rivers will kill this D as is in the chargers game, then it's off the bye week and then the jets on MNF... oh god help us if we are 0-4 or 1-3 at that point, with that a loss in the jets game means the season is over(though going in 0-4 is pretty much the same thing.)


I knew there was a chance that could happen, I hoped Henne would start to take the next step but I never thought the D would fall flat on it's face like that, it's not just scheme or holes, they were dead tired and beat in the first half already... and with so little practice allowed now it'll take weeks to fix that(and in some cases I'll bet it never really gets fixed)


sorry if I seem like debbie downer but lord I just want to win at football again, we were so spoiled by Dan Marino...

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just a side effect of the new CBA it's got limits on how many and how hard you can practice...I don't remember them all offhand but it's something like only 14 or 15 padded full speed practices during the season for instance. I think the Texan game is huge, they have the tools to beat us as bad as the pats and a better pass rush which worries the fuck out of me with this oline, they allowed 5 sacks and the pats barely blitezed, mario williams is going to have a field day.

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oh god where do I start...


Ok first off I think the time has come for Marino's record to finally fall, in fact it's almost a suprise it hasn't happened already. The game has changed termendouly and I think that if Dan were playing he's shatter his own record. No shame in losing it cause thats where the game is headed.


How about the rookie QB's btw? Dalton and Newton both look like they are for real.


God the pats look scary, again, but they might not make it all the way they will be in the mix for sure.


holy shit the skins won 2 games.


BTW that last drive to put the cowboys in scoring postion in OT? that reciver was the guy who won the reality tv show to get a spot in cowboy training camp a couple of years ago, he spent 2 years on the practice squad, entered the year as the 5th reciever and then keeps moving up. awesome awesome story, if he keeps it up there will be a movie.


Falcons vs Eagles was a really good game, shame vick got hurt but wtf do the eagles keep pulling guys from, the back up looked pretty good. Good win by the falcons.


the Bill also look like they are for real!! nice to see a harvard QB finally make it in the league.


and now on to the phins



(one icecream later)



ok fuck, where to start, the season is pretty much done at this point, to make the play off already down 2 in the AFC and down 2 to all other AFC east teams is close to immpossible for this staff, the condition sucks, the coaching sucks, VD is hurt, Dansby is hurt, our safty's are shit, our Oline is going to get Henne killed, our ST our shit, fuck, Daniel Thomas is the one bright spot but he already had an hamstring issues so i have to pray he stays up, nice to see the 5 million for reggie bush sitting on the sideline :/


there will be black out nows, people will not go to see them lose at home. and I will say this, if we lose to the browns the wheels come off the bus, if another starter gets hurts, wheels are off. Outside of a miricle btw Tony is gone, the phins and sponsers spent over 350,000 to make sure the game wasn't blacked out, maybe 50k people went to a stadium that holds 75k and i doubt that many see reason to come back :/ Ross has to be volcanic right about now, people like to bag on him but the man grew up here, went to school on miami beach, he's a huge fan and love this team, this had to hurt alot. There are 3 guys who will be here next year, Jon Gruden, Bill Cowher, or Jeff Fisher. Gruden already made a slight play on MNF(stating how 'he' wanted to bring the phins back to former glory) and I think Cowher ends up in NY if the giants don't pick up and frankly I'm not completely sure I want fisher. if things get worse I'll post some stuff on each guy.


oh and yes the fact I'm much calmer this week means I think the team is in an even worse spot... we are an injury away from being really really bad and this being 2007 all over again.

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The bills are at the top and the phins are at the bottom.... my world has turned upside down.


Yeah the Bills need to go back to being a joke team. The Jets along with them.


Just one loss for the Pats. Oh well. At least my Fantasy team has a perfect 3 - 0 record so far.

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The bills are at the top and the phins are at the bottom.... my world has turned upside down.


Yeah the Bills need to go back to being a joke team. The Jets along with them.


Just one loss for the Pats. Oh well. At least my Fantasy team has a perfect 3 - 0 record so far.

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.... no idea what to say but I'm getting that same bad feeling about this game, Rivers has been waiting to have a break out game and our D tends to make people look like superstares.... and DT is nursing a hammy which means if it effects him there goes the one bright spot on offense... and we've so far been mostly lucky on injuries and I have a feeling thats gonna end soon...


On the other hand SD is super hurt so maybe I should hope again...


and btw even if we do end up with luck or someone at the end.... this will be a soul crushing season...

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This was a disaster!

I'm making a note here:

"Epic Fail"


It's hard to overstate

My disappointment.


Miami Dolphins:

We do what me must

Because we suck.


For the shame of all of us.

Except the ones who are dead.


But there's no sense crying

Over every mistake.

You just keep on trying

Till Reggie runs out of breath.

And the fumble comes on

Another turnover's begun

Chad Henne might not be

Still alive.


I'm not even angry...

I'm being so sincere right now-

Even though you broke Henne's arm

and killed him


And tore him to pieces.

Because of that revolving door Columbo

As he fell it hurt because

Another sack against you


Now, these points of data

Make a terrible line.

We lost to Cleveland

For God's sake

What's the matter with Ty

But i'm glad we got burned-

0 and 16 this turn

For the QB in the first round Draft Pick!


Go ahead and leave me...

I think i'd prefer to stay inside...

Maybe you'll find someone else

To help you?

Maybe Dan Marino?

That was a joke! haha!! fat chance!!


Anyway the Bills look good

They gave us Tom Brady tears!


Look at me: still talking

When there's crying to do!

When i look out there,

It makes me sad I'm not you.


For although we try hard

To turn this team around

It makes no difference, Miami'll

still suck.

And believe Miami

Still sucks

I'm crying hard and Miami

Still Sucks

We got Reggie Bush but Miami

Still sucks.

Even with Marshall Miami

Still sucks


Miami still sucks?


Still sucks :(


Still alive.

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