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CONSTANTINE Television Series Heading To NBC; MAN OF STEEL's David S. Goyer To Produce




We already have Arrow on the CW, with The Flash not too far behind. Well, following the announcement earlier this week that a Commissioner Gordon focused Gotham is heading to Fox, Warner Bros. are now developing a John Constantine series on NBC! Read on for details.


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By Josh Wilding - 9/26/2013



Deadline has revealed that John Constantine is heading to the small screen on NBC, with Warner Bros. TV and DC Comics developing the project with writer and executive producer Daniel Cerone (The Mentalist). David S. Goyer - who worked on The Dark Knight Trilogy and penned Man of Steel - will also serve as a producer. Like the recently launched "The New 52" series, the TV show will be called Constantine. According to the site, it will focus on: "John Constantine, an enigmatic and irreverent con man-turned-reluctant supernatural detective who is thrust into the role of defending us against dark forces from beyond." What this means for the rumoured Justice League Dark movie is unclear, but we now have Arrow, Gotham, The Flash and this all on the small screen or being developed for it. An exciting time to be a DC fan, wouldn't you say?


Read more at http://www.comicbook...bHXdBg0U8mzW.99

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...okay, that was fun. i'm down for more of that.


budget's low & john hams it up/overacts some scenes for sure, but the gist of its there & entertaining



they're really starting with delano's damned-since-losing-the-girl bit too, which is cool - no idea why chaz is immortal but honestly, obligatory non-smoking aside, this is so far way more faithful than i expected. i'd love to see if they have the balls for the ennis arcs in later seasons, particularly rake at the gates of hell.


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The Hays code for potrayal of morality that movies/tv followed for so long and still does to an extent used to say that if a character steps out of line (Adultery, stealing, drug use, buttsecks) they had to be punished for it in the plot.


Seems to me that if Constantine is going to get lung cancer he needs to smoke and it works as karmic punishment.

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I enjoyed the first episode, too. I think the pilot, like most TV shows, was a bit wobbly and tried to cram in too much in 42 minutes. But the conceit of him reluctantly being a do-gooder in order to save his own soul and the whole blood spattered map thing is an interesting plot for season one, if not the series as a whole.

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Five episodes in and this series is ok. Good... but nowhere near great. Still, it's better than Gotham (which has gotten a little better lately). Dude that plays John is good. No complaints there. The rest of the actors? Need so acting lessons. Lastly, to anyone that bitched and moaned about the smoking thing? Dude, smokes EVERY episode! They just do clever things to make sure you don't see him taking a drag. It cracks me up actually.

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So the constantine crew has been saying they are going to be watching ALLLLLL of the ratings for the show, not just the ones for the day the ep airs and the day after like normal (for DVR people). I am going to put a call out on our show to get people fucking watching this. I don't want to lose Constantine this early. It's been way too much fun.

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tied up season 1 with bishopcruz...ehhhhhh


shit starts out with the feel of a late 90s/early aughts WB type show where pretty much everything just happens episodically and serves the main character...which, you know, Arrow and Marvel Agents did too. but unlike them, it never really shook that, even a little bit, for me - like, Chas is great, and whats-her-name-with-the-slipping-accent is okay and hot too (despite us never even getting into her shit apparently), but it's clear John's the one who really gets into the project & i'm guessing reads the books. we're building towards something, but even the finale is a forgettable episodic happening, with a twist you kinda saw coming & not much else.


i'm gonna keep watching when this hops networks but this is a perfect example of a property i'd not bother fucking with if i didn't love the source material - like, i have no idea at all why people who don't read the book bother.

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