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Good Graduation Songs

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i'm in asb..so naturally i have certain responsibilities for my senior class...and one of the things we help plan is our own graduation


after the ceremony is finished.. usually everyone's family and friends come down from the bleachers to the field to meet the graduates,. (our graduation is outdoors on our track and field)


soo i'm in charge of coming up with a compilation of songs that should be played AFTER graduation for basically the meet and greet...


this is really cool that our senior president gave me artistic control over this... this is what i have in mind so far..


1.) (for ms. michelle) Freebird-skynrd

2.) Ramble On, Led Zeppelin

3.) Good Riddance, Greenday

4.) I will remember you, Sarah Mcclaclan

5.) In My Life, The Beatles

6.) Today, Smashing Pumpkins


if anyone else has ideas for graduation appropriate music add on my list..


p.s. so help me god, if anyone suggests Vitamin C's "graduation song" i'm going to throw up

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I dont even remember ours, but Pumpkins had the prom song.

I think the first 3 are good - # 2's cool but not as appropriate sadly. Of course, I'd vote for # 1 but Green Day's got a much better shot, realistically, i suppose.

I dont know that ive heard # 4, guess ill go download it sometime.

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Heartless, as I know you like to beat your own paths, I would advise against Good Riddance. Every single HS used that as the graduation song in 1998. Not sayign isn't not appropriate, just cliche. How about Que Sera? Send Me On My Way by Rusted Root? An REM song would be nice, but I can't thing of any one in particular that would be appropriate. Don't Stop Me Now by Queen? I'm could back if I think of more.

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hmm, though they'd never fly, any one of less than jake's "Leaving town" theme'd songs would be cool, they've got lots of em, best example of that would be "Look what happened."


"And I swear it's the last time, I swear it's my last try, we'll walk in circles around this whole block, walk on the cracks of the same old sidewalks, then we'll talk about leavin' town, then we'll talk about leavin I swear..."


And you could always do "Graduate" by third eye blind, I like the song, if a bit obvious.

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Musically their fine. Not "The greatest band since the Beatles" or any of that hype, but ok. I haven't heard any of their non-singles, but from what I have heard, their style hasn't evolved too much, but it's still good none the less. It's just that he's a fucking wanker and he doesn't have a single nice thing to say about anything.

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aw, come on, he's certainly a refreshing change from the fake ass face all other bands put on in interviews. He's funny and opinionated, now, walking off stage and shit (MTV unplugged, ahem) is not cool at all, but I love to hear someone be mean as hell for once. It's all entertainment anyways, kinda nice when even a band's interviews are entertaining.

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Calling people on there bullshit is cool and I understand the whole "leaving the diplomacy to the diplomats" attitude. But what's the point if you're just a hater. Other than the beatles, has he ever said anything good about anything. If you have something you love, he hates it. For example, I love the attitude the Rolling Stones have to interviewers (I linked an example on the Rolling Stones Thread).

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There's something to be said for stick to what works, but there's also something to be said for artistic stagnation. But I'm not going to get into it cause, really, my problem isn't with oasis, it's with noah.


I'm been listen to Jane's Addiction alot lately, for the graduation songs maybe Summertime Rolls, or for a more familiar song, Jane Says. Who can say 'no' to steel drums?

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Just to clarify cos I think you may've got your wires crossed JMT and SoF:

Liam is the wanker lead singer/penispianist who walked out on Unplugged,

Noel is the not-as-much-of-a-wanker-but-still-a-wanker guitarist/songwriter/sometimes lead singer.


Umm, just wanted to say that, wasn't thinking of graduation songs....uh, Alice Cooper - School's Out?

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Okay. This is the best site so far that I've found that had anything to do with anything about Graduation Songs for high school. The main reason I am posting this is so that it may make somebody's search a little easier. I am currently a senior and working on our "Senior Video" for my Graphic Arts (yearbook) class. (**Yes... I stole some of the songs from a few previous posts on graduation songs**). Some of the songs don't have to do with graduation necessarily.... but anyway here's the list so far:


1. Green Day - Good Riddance

2. Oasis - Wonder Wall

3. Yellowcard - One Year, Six Months

4. The Beatles - In My Life

5. Michael W. Smith - Friends Are Friends Forever

6. Kelly Clarkson - Breakaway

7. Alice Cooper - School's Out

8. Pink Floyd - Another Brick In the Wall

9. Sarah McClaclan - I Will Remember You

10. Lenny Kravitz - Again

11. DMB - Graduation Song

12. 3eb - Graduation

13. Howie Day - Collide

14. Staind - So Far Away

15. Smashing Pumpkins - Today

16. Eve 6 - Here's To the Night


It's a pretty good collection of different music so I hope it helps somebody :D

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Are you here to stay, or just for this one post?

Welcome either way! Can't decide whether it's a joke or not, but you seem nice enough!


Where are you from? Tell us a bit about yourself over in TOWN SQUARE, Or kick back a few at one of the many FORUM PUBS.








....looks like IC's word string post for google bot really paid off! lol

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