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DC's Rebirth


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DC Co-Publishers Dan Didio and Jim Lee have tweeted out an ominious image with the word "Rebirth" over a set of blue curtains, with the DC Comics trademark below. Take a look:


Given sales attrition of their line since 2011's "New 52" relaunch and the wholesale embracing of frequent title and line relaunches by market leader and DC's closest rival Marvel Comics, speculaton will immediately turn to some sort of large-scale relaunch on DC's part this year.




doesn't look like they're scorching the earth of Nu-52 so much as possibly just a renumbering, so maybe not that big a deal - as long as Dido & Johns are still dicking things up (with assists from Lobdell) i imagine it'll be relatively the same? If anything, i wonder if they're taking notes from ANAD marvel & prepping their universe to more readily integrate the movie (and more importantly, show) stuff.





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It's been 10 years of meh for me with DC at this point.


Saw an interview with Phil Jimenez where he perfectly explained why these reboots lose many fans: Basically you're severing the connection between fan and character and then hoping it regrows just as strong. At some point, the fan just gets tired of being cut and moves on.


Building off that, my own take is that the mental connection grows only when a fan puts in the mental investment/energy to feed that connection and after a while nobody wants to feed a thing that has a short or uncertain future.


Also...DiDio is fulla crap.

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DC scoops up Tom King with exclusive contract


i'm told he's done fine work on Grayson, and he's a Kyle Rayner fan so i'm cool. my only concern was losing him on Vision (a great book baytor rightfully called horror), but he had this to say:


As to Vision, I'm on through issue 12. We're finishing the story we set out to tell without a single compromise.
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...so did anyone read last week's Rebirth premier?



new books & creative teams, with some good talent (king on batman, jurgens on supes, etc) and a lotta names i'm looking forward to learning about. Wally's back, and the massive wholes from New 52 are looking to slowly be patched.


i know Cap # 1 and Civil War II stuff is bigger for most right now, but the reveal at the end of the villain seems controversial, but i'm interested in seeing where it goes, as a way of explaining the troubled timeline & lost years






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Just read it:


This is going to piss so many people off, so so many people. Nobody tell Logan.



Alan Moore is probably literally on fire right now or at least will be when he finds out. They've been trying to drag Watchmen into the DCU for a while but I never actually thought they'd do it. The hubris, holy shit.


It's nice the way they handled the two Wally's with nearly as much bending over backwards as Marvel did to get Miles Morales into the 616. Was wondering how they were going to bring him back without shoving him under the bus. Makes me wonder how they're going to handle Huntress and Green Lantern.


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Batsy's rebirth preview - really not getting people hating on the costume, it's not enough of a change/deviation for me to feel either way on it, personally


this other guy, however, might take some getting used to



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Batman looks like Batman (It's a small detail, but I like that yellow outline on the chest symbol). It's barely noticeable though, and not that big a change like you said.



That Supes looks like Shazam though.

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I forgot he was dead to begin with in the first place. I didn't know y'all were so deep into DC B-listers. Happy for ya though.


As for the new Bat symbol. I dig it more than I probably should.All this return of the Supermen stuff seems groan worthy though. I'm so behind with my DC & Batcomics anyway that I'm only just now reading Flashpoint.


Thomas Wayne ain't nuthin' ta fuck with, y'all!


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Been reading recaps to decide if I want to take the trouble of trying it out and it seems like they did exactly what I was hoping the would NOT do.


They are making things more messy before they make them clean, with no indication it will be cleaner in the end anyway.


I never got into New 52 because they decided to do the '5 years in the future' thing with some titles and not with others and it just felt like I was being forced to read everything to understand anything and I quit. Pretty much for good. I don;t begrudge them the attempt to do what crossovers usually do and make you buy books, but I'm too old for that crap. I even respect that they tried to launch a universe with history. But it didn't work for me.


When I heard about Rebirth I figured they had realized the New52 did lose too many people like me and everything I heard was that they understood the need to make things inviting for us to come back so I figured they'd do their shake up and present a clean jumping in point.


But nope. Take this stuff going on with Superman or Wonderwoman's origins. They're actively readjusting the timeline on the fly in the relaunched books which is like trying to make a bridge with only one riverbank. New readers like me are lost immediately not knowing what's changing into what. The whole thing is demanding too much knowledge that a lapsed reader like me doesn't have.


Again, the NUMBER 1 Books are supposed to be the 'easy' books where the new readers get oriented and DC's not providing it. So, I'm staying out again.

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