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These are cool - these cartoonist / animator's vids are 5 years apart...(2011 n' 2016) interesting leap in quality.




^ Y'know this is gonna be the Netflix series (Season 1 n' 2) - I'll bet it's gonna be Belmont then Alucard. Don't think the NES games got enough meat to stretch into an interesting 'epic'. I would love and prefer it...and HOPE it happens (God, how awesome if they do it!) - but, I'm betting it's gonna be CV3 n' SotN.


Gotta throw down sum SotN luv - still gots my original copy.



My NES/SNES/N64 cart collection suffered a...terrible fate, but I still have a hefty stack of manuals...to remind me. (Oooo - great song idea...LOL) Bonus shot - by popular demand...



I need this to be good. I don't want another CV thing that makes me want to burn my tattoo off.


I'm dying to know - LOL...what did you get?



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So, I binged this the other morning, not realizing that there were only four thirty minute episodes. Just as I was really, really getting into it, it ended. WHA?? Suffice to say, I don't have the same nostalgia for the series as some other folks on here, but I do have a pretty keen appreciation for storytelling, I think. And this was good. The animation style is anime all the way, but the dialog is solid, with only a few clumsy moments. I'm not sure it it sticks to the story as defined by the games or not. The plot in the show is straight forward and really takes a backseat to the dialog and the characters. So, I highly recommend watching it

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Ive watched two episodes. I saw that there were only 4 and I'm taking my time. So many times I run out of stuff to watch and get disappointed. So far it's pretty great.


Also, Netflix has heard everyone and greenlit a second season with double the episodes. I should find where I read that, but I'm being lazy. It's real tho.

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My two cents:


Wasn't a "first season", it was a two hour pilot.

Voice acting was wonderful. (Sypha was spot on)

Animation was really not as fantastic. Felt like I was watching a last gen flash animation at times.

Opening where it did was really good.

Hoping they get a bigger budget moving forward.

Won't bitch about the timeline like a nerd, will just enjoy it for what it is.

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I can't wait for Season 2. I've read it's 8 more episodes.


Yeah, felt like a series pilot more than anything. Just left me salivating for more, disappointing in that regard. I was hoping for a full...story? W/ a conclusion? Knowing more is coming, all I can do is wait. So far, seems promising. I saw it twice.


Had to put subtitles on both viewings - too much 'whispering and muttering'. Couldn't make out sum stuff in the 1st episode...by the 2nd episode - had to toggle it on. Sum lines felt almost too laid back...couldn't make 'em out.




Dracula was wicked awesome when he returned a year later and damned humanity. The dialogue exchange between that demon and the bishop(?) at the church / 'empty box': "We love you..." AWE. SOME.



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I liked it. Animation could have been much worse, but it felt like a DC animated film crossed with an anime. I loved the action though. It felt weird and floaty, but intense all the same. Part two should really be alot of fun.

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Netflix Castlevania Series renewed for 3rd Season



awesome news - and season 2 just over a month away, apparently!


still, if s2 covers cv3, what's after for trevor? curse of darkness?

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