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Haha - alright i give 'im credit, he came on down & gave it a shot, not bad Spongey. Feel free to start shit with others that way if ya wanna (just, you know, be original and dont start shit with me...

Chief - So low on drive space right now that im tryin to DL your song and Kazaa says its failing..ill clean this up by the weekend, get the song & contribute, no dobut.

Birdy - your skills are gettin better girl, im impressed.

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I Challenge Chief


Ya think I’m gay

Well this is what I say

Shit I think ya a whore

Just lookin’ at ya makes my eyes sore

Ya momma was good

We did it down in the hood

I think ya momma’s a slut

No that is just her gut

Shit fo’ stop while ya ahead

If ya name ain’t Jed it must be Fred



still trying to get the hang of it.

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He'll be dat! Callin' out SpongeBob to the beat = Redman - I'll Be Dat


Your first name must be "He's gay",

cause every time you make a post girls scream out "He's gay!"

He'll be dat, He'll be dat, He'll be dat, He'll be dat


Your middle name must be "dumb bitch",

cause every time you say a word, you get slapped like a dumb bitch.

He'll be dat, He'll be dat, He'll be dat, He'll be dat


2 minutes to write this rhyme, so when I'm done

I hope you realize its hopeless to challenge mine.

I watched your faggit ass dance all over the board,

Sell yo' booty to the Irish like you was a whore.

When you gonna stop pretending that you're really straight?

Girls offer you pussy, but you already ate

a big bowl of huge dicks with a side of nuts.

Boy, you messed with a pitt bull but you just a mutt!

Girls smell it, and we can see it,

There ain't an ounce of hetero in you, now its time you believe it.

If SpongeBob aint' gay, then Nick ain't white,

and Superman loves dildos made of kryptonite.

Take your ass back to Nick bashin', while your at it,

start a new post askin' IC for tongue lashin'.

Bet the thought of that made you hot.

Reach down between your legs, touch your clit & tickle your G-spot.

Now, I know IC ain't straight, but before he fucks you

my boy will straight up do the Brooklyn Shake.

And that's a dancin' caucasian.... Boy...

take your ass to the salon & get your nails done by an asian.


AND I'M OUT!!!!!


::the crowd goes insane!!::

Edited by BigChiefSlapaho
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haha...damn. Pretty good there Chiefy, like your "Admin Day!" one but most of the crowd dont know those songs sadly...how you gonna whip out Redman on a rookie MC like that? Gotta pick a flow the crowd might know, lemme try out some Ludacris on em...


Day after Saturday - Another one on Chief


I got comics in the stash, got no cash, these girls aint got no ass (it's Saturday)

(ooh ooh! icky icky icky icky)

System aint fast, I gots a rash, these girls still got no ass (it's Saturday)

(ooh ooh! icky icky icky icky)


Chief dont come round no mo, moved on out

eva since IC bust that, mouf

Ref done said Cheify lost that, bout

and he dont wanna play with the dirty south

mess with me when ya just cant win...

how you gonna act like you dont like my, skin?

how you gonna act like i don't, admin?

and Chiefy done died, call his next of kin...

Pickin on a young-un, you know that's cold

puttin up, a fight, cause you just got told

but i might, let it slide, cause that ass grew old

and plus im too busy with this booty i stoled (booty you stoled?)

stole it like a thief

look twice, then took it out the back of a jeep

nameplate say it belongs to Chief

Sendin shit back cause i heard it queeef...




Turned hard when he started this thread up in here, in a, rut,

act like he knows how to bust a, cut

tries real hard, then he's all "but, but.."

studders on the mic, man what?

Act like you cant get killed, how you go choke like buffalo bills?

how you go act like i aint got skills?

and leave a lotta people with them Dennys bills

Lookin at ya raps and they sound like dirt,

when you talk, to this boy sound like you wanna flirt

so i walk, over there and pull up that skirt

step outta line, ya left dead like Kurt... (dead like Kurt?)

you know I meant Cobain, samplin off Meth like you bring that pain,

soundin more like Shaq when someone stopped that reign,

and chiefy cant read this so his eyes might, straaaain..





*fade-out & takes a bow* and stop off at The Show next week for such hits as:


"F-1 grills,

F-1, bills,

check out the oil mah piece of shit, spills..."

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GAY LIKE DAT to IC, to the beat Diggable Planets - Rebirth of Slick



::snap.... snap.... snap.... snap....::


Nick, is the gay guy with the light skin.

Can't get laid, so he tries to run up in,

his cats, cause they fat, and they all nice & hairy.

Reminds him of the last time he saw a poonany.

Slides, down a pole, cause he likes to rub on it,

Guys, point & laugh, can't believe that he did it.

Girls, wonder why, left eye is goin blinky.

Tries to run game, in the club, all stinky.

Boy's, seen more dick than Christina Aguilera.

Walks, in the door, girls say "sayonara".

Tries to bust a rhyme, but they come out fakin'.

Better off eating pancakes with "just bacon!"

Don't, come at me, my style is bonafide.

Yours, weak as hell, lil puta run & hide.

Comin' from the bottom with nothin' but the hits,

Girls rub they ass, the rest shake they tits but...


I'm cool like that, I'm cool like that, I'm cool like that, I'm cool like that

Your gay like that, Your gay like that, Your gay like that, Your gay like that,

I'm cool like that, I'm cool like that, I'm cool like that, I'm cool like that

Your gay like that, Your gay like that, Your gay like that, Your gay


Sponge, is the little boy w/ the vibrator,

stuck, in his ass, while he sucks a now-or-later.

Nick, put it there, just to watch him go "Owwie!"

15, years old, but at this he is a pro-(ie).

Free-bird's a girl, once tried to drop a rhyme.

Used to work the block, now she's back doing time.

Boys, watch out, she's p-p-p-p-poison

bad, fo' yo' health, Freebird bring's the noise-(en)

In class of '97, this boy wore a mullet.

Don't, believe me? I got scanned pics to prove it

Used to run around, with, 50 pounds of gel,

to, keep his hair, pushed back lookin' swell.

Liked to blow kisses at the guys down the hall,

used to get A's by suckin' teacher's balls.

Boy, don't ever try to step in my dome,

Ask Freebird how I zone, "Man, straight Roy Jones."


But I'm peace like that, I'm peace like that, I'm peace like that, I'm peace like that.

You suck like that, You suck like that, You suck like that, You suck like that

I'm peace like that, I'm peace like that, I'm peace like that, I'm peace like that.

You suck like that, You suck like that, You suck like that, You suck


::snap... snap... snap... snap::

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Hahaha...aw shit i cant believe you dug so far into the old school to come back on my ass....damn Chiefy....(when did i have a mullet, again?)...even tossed birdy into the mix, oooo youre gonna get it now...

Props on use of Diggable Planets tho. Lets see what i can come up with later...

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uh oh sponge.... are you gonna pack the heat?! this i got to see...

Well... Take me a bit but will come back. Just takin' time to think of somethin' like Chief.




It goes somewhere along the lines of.



Hey Bitch, I thought I told ya

I wouldn't hold ya













Dat's how it's done ho!

Edited by Spongebob
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"Aww...well, at least he tried, so Nick must clap..."

Hah..awright Chiefy, its been fun - and the old school joint, that was a trip - but were nearing the after hours sessions here at The Show, and playtime on the mic is over...

Time for another crowd pleaser, this time courtesy of Jigga...


Anthem of a bitch: Hey Papi (aka Originator '03)


Ay yo...I got a resolution;

this year ill be all nice

no mo killin beaners

you know that shit aint right

for real, lets shake hands, it aint like before

back when you, thought you was raw, but then got smacked like a whore,

I was young, still had no cash, but havin honeys come by the pad, while you was on the block straight slangin that ass,

some bad chicks didnt even get pass the front desk,

While Chiefy's out catchin loads like he's just been blessed

No real job, just hummers & shit,

being, pimped out by Gamu then cashin checks up in Wamu

actin like you got a stash

but do anythin for cash....

fo a dolla, youd strip

and then for two youd suck dick

Comin by like we had some strong relationship,

but now I'm off that charity shit,

I need a bitch that can, pay them bills

and uh, got some skills

and while we at it she'd be sittin on

domestic wheels, ya hear me?


(Hey papi)

Even tho he's just a ho, you know the Chiefy deserves some of that dough, while sayin

(hey papi)

promise youll never rap no mo, promise youll stop, promise youll learn how to flow, then sing it

(hey papi)

Even if this was yo show, and you was Busta askin "gimme so mo", id tell you

(hey papi)

promise youll never rap no mo, promise youll stop, promise youll learn how to flow, then bring it


He was the worse, comin by my dorm every day

had roomates mad for real, like they dont want him to stay

cause they knew, sooner or later he'd admit he was gay

just a, matter of time before he say that he's gay

Id have that ass out on 8th damn near every day

earnin money for ya pimp like you was sold on ebay

I used to dig ya, now i just dont know what to say,

you grab the mic, and make people wanna all go away

consortin with deities, people dont want chief in their space

they sayin, they feel free when they around me

You havin, him do him, and in turn, they doin you

you onna phone with a doctor like "my ass's all blue.."


[chorus & fade....]




hah, Jay's flow was harder than i thought....:frontman:

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birdy calls out ic...


Before I start talkin you need to turn off the light.

Yeah Im irish as well, but damn you snow white.

I’ve never seen the sun, but shit your fucking bright.

Can’t look at you directly, or I’ll lose my fucking sight.

Holy shit, no way... you really fucking glow in the dark.

I’m not intimidatin but my bites worse than my bark.

What do you do having a degree in philosophy?

Turn tricks, do strips, make money on your knees?

Second thought nevermind, I really don’t wanna know,

About this nasty shit you be doing days in a row.

Hey what’s that there? you got some shit up on your lips.

It’s white, kinda salty, you’ve been takin’ too many sips.

Oh, I know what that is, I kinda like it too.

But you’ve tried way too many, I’ve tried just a few.

All this im sayin already’s been said, none of this is new.

Now you know why no one wants to share a cup with you.

So go ahead and keep batting, from the left, and from the right

And next time you come around, be curtious… turn off the light.

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...so apparently everyone's forgotten that ya'll are welcome to freestyle without steppin up, fair enough, it aint easy at the top, Ill take the challenge.


Birdy season: (fake) Nails in the Coffin


I dont wanna be like this,

I dont really wanna hurt no feelings

but im only bein real when i say

nobody wants to hear some lil girly rap (nope)

cali girls turn tricks for crack

and i dont wanna be responsible for that, so

put the mic down and fly away

you can still have a little bit of dignity..


I would never claim to be a


some 13-year old skank frijole

so how can she be runnin her mouth out bout goin downtown

on some clown named Adam Brown while tryin to fuck with me?

start shit, youll prolly die with me

and our asses will both be history

but then again, you'd finally get ya wish,

cause you'd be all over these boards, like Heartlessbitch

talk about your short-term memory, damn

3 posts ago you was tryin to shake my hand

now im albino? The fuck's with that? get on a rap

dissin me, kissin chief's ass

feelin all brave cause you got friends here like def

but you cant even be nice to my man SOF

going on & on bout how ya like James Dean

way I heard it girl, you all on some guy named Brean

and tried to bite off my style and it fucked you up,

five white jokes together, that's how much you suck

what in the world made you think that you could step to me?

Admit that shit, took you an hour to rhyme "philosophy"

and what you know bout wearin sunblock over half ya life?

Oh that's right, you should know what that's like, you're half-white

go eat your rice - you try to act all nice...and all that fuckin emo shit, jesus christ

if you that much of a tough chick, put the mic down

you should be out beatin on a dumb broad right now!

say some shit & make fun of em, go ahead chick!

act like you aint one of em, go ahead chick!

and start some shit, rank the fuck out of me

ya give good head, but you wont get a buck out of me

cause im broke as fuck, you suck, your style's a fuckin joke

if you was really an old school ho,

then what the fuck you stop for, dummy? suck some dick for crack,

youll do a whole lot better than you will with rap

maybe youll understand if i say "hella" and talk a lil slower...

let it go, girl, it's over.


[chorus, then fade...]



No hard feelings, Birdy youre a down ass chick but i had to come back...for what its worth its like 4 in the mornin and i barely changed that shit up from Eminem's "Nail in the Coffin" battle, so if the overall style or any lyrics look good theyre prolly his.

Chiefy - dont act like you didnt like Hey Papi.

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Ruff Poster's Roll to the beat DMX - Ruff Ryder's Anthem



Stop!... Drop!

Shut'em down, open up shop.

Oh!... No!

That's how Chief Slapaho rolls.

Stop!... Drop!

Shut'em down, open up shop.

Oh!... No!

That's how Chief Slapaho rolls.



Bitches wanna rap. What?

Straight up talkin' crap. What?

Two shots in their back. What?

Better off smokin' crack. What?

Don't ever come step to me

Can't you see I'm threatening?

I'll have to put an end to thee,

with some lyrical chemistry.

Who said you could rhyme? What?

That faggot was lyin'. What?

You follow my design. What?

Your whole style's mine. What?

Nothing you do is original,

IC, here your virginal,

I'ma cut you up all surgical

and leave you sleepin vertical.

You just like the rest. What?

All bird, but no chest. What?

Better wear a vest. What?

Before I come & test. What?

I'll put one in your eye. What?

Three more in your thigh. What?

The DD boards are mine. What?

Bitch go hide & cry. What?

Cause you called the thunda'. What?

I'm coming from above ya'. What?

Ain't noone left to hug ya'. What?

Go ask Sponge to fuck ya'. What?

That might make you happy, What?

I bet you'll get all clappy. What?

Bet you'll call him pappy, What?

and sit upon his lappy. What?



Stop!... Drop!

Shut'em down, open up shop.

Oh!... No!

That's how Chief Slapaho rolls.

Stop!... Drop!

Shut'em down, open up shop.

Oh!... No!

That's how Chief Slapaho rolls.



Man! Look who you done pissed off!

Bitch you better back off. What?

Freebird'll make you jack off while

my slugs will rip your back off.

Another dead white guy

They should call it a hate crime,

Or "attack on a minority",

Bitch, your style's borin' me.

Without me you're silly, What?

like Usher w/ no Chili. What?

Gay men make you giddy. What?

Your whole style's shitty. What?

If I wasn't around, What?

you'd straight up pound the ground. What?

You'd need another idol. What?

Wind up taking Midol. What?

You'd need a man to follow. What?

Cause your rap style's hollow.What?

TD would call it "Malo". What?

I'd beat you with a palo. What?

That's Spanish for a stick. What?

I'd beat you with my dick. What?

But, you'd probably like it and

you might reach out & bite it.

I'm the best you ever seen,

my style's like guillotine.

Call you out like Mean Jean and

then straight rip out your spleen.

This battle is done. What?

If you couldn't tell, I won. What?

Advice for you son. What?

Go home & suck your thumb!

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Haha...'s a sad day when MC's wont even give credit where its due no more, but i wont let it get like that...

You reached a bit but it was cool, Chiefy - really got DMX's style down there man. Good job.

I did 2 freestyles yesterday alone, see if ive got another one in me by later today. Didnt see that one comin tho, nice.

Now, what track to come back with...? 2Pac's "Me Against the World" feels appropriate but lemme find one Chiefy knows....

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