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Yeah...Patos Malos, never heard of us? (and why would you, its an inside joke from like 10 years ago)

Way back in the day, me, DJ Ario X, Cap'n P, Duado the Deadly + Jason (red dog of robitussun's rap) and Donut made up this group we freestyled in...we had no idea what to call it so for lack of somethin better patos malos was born, as i recall we even got stage names like Darkwing, Megaduck, etc - yeah it was mad dorky but i loved that shit. Robitussun got honorary membership as our first lady a while back.

Our group was short lived as we leanred some spanish slang actually did see the name as "bad fags"..haha...way to do our research. DJ Ario X has brough it back, so were usin our current names (not so much with the ducks) but i love the twist on the Wu-Tang logo.

Way we figure it, if youve got skills of our level, you might as well pick a name that'll give your enemies somethin to work with, like an act of mercy or somethin (now if Chief shines on Ario he can talk about ducks, or gays, or gay ducks that waddle or whatever).

Yeah, so, uh...patos malos fo life! haha...


Patos.jpgethodtical Malos

The Wu of the Dirty Souf - Clan in the front, let ya feet stomp

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Sittin' Ducks to the beat of Nas - Ether


I - shoot at them ducks like hunters

WILL - beat you in any venue

NOT - pretend I'm bein' freindly

LOSE - I'll prove you lost already


Somebody sent me a warning, but when i saw your rhymes

yo, it made me think the Dixie Chicks were touring.

Your style's fake, unbelieveble, don't think that you hot.

Or I'm-a open duck season, boy prepare to be shot.

You belong behind a trumpet, just put the mic down,

you look like a clown, i'll run your silly ass out of town.

Go 'head, gather your warriors, to me that's just fine,

I got enough time to whoop every ass into line

and I ain't afraid to bring it... just ask Hi-C,

that bitch confronted me, now he's at the bottom of the sea.

He had to run-tel-dat like Martin, my style was too much,

too unique, I leave MC's without words to speak.

My style's evolved like a paramecia...

step up to the task, I'll have your crew straight paraplegia.

You ain't never seen a Mexican flow like this,

I'll bag your chick, and hit it like Gorillas in the Mist, cause


I - shoot at them ducks like hunters

WILL - beat you in any venue

NOT - pretend I'm bein' freindly

LOSE - I'll prove you lost already


Last i heard, you got a nice job at Club Twist,

spinnin' music for them fags. Yo, I was told this,

you were workin' over time, straight extracurricular.

Makin' the manager happy playing with his testicular.

I've been eating MC's since this threads inception,

been makin' momma's wish they would've used protection.

Now they wanna run up in here w/ some Patos Malos,

Man, I'm Mexican! I'll put a Pato in my enchilado

and eat that bird raw, son. There ain't no stoppin' me,

I'm just too beautiful. Stop! Someone take a picture of me,

I'm timeless... a phenom... all will remember

the day ChiefSlapaho came into town & dismembered

every single wanna-be M-C that ever stood, in my way.

I'm like a T-Bone... I taste - so - GOOD.

Take Hi-C, Robitussin, and the rest of them ducks

and get the flock out of my road 'fore you get hit by a truck, cause.


I - shoot at them ducks like hunters

WILL - beat you in any venue

NOT - pretend I'm bein' freindly

LOSE - I'll prove you lost already

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Haha..not like that, Ario can more than handle his own. Ive battled chiefy plenty here, and im not the one who got challenged - Chiefy's just paranoid. Good reason too - challengin the Patos Malos like that, who got ya back Chiefy? Hah....nah im gonna host this one till it gets personal. Chiefy needs a team to challenge another team.

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Dont be in such a hurry to meet your doom...I'm sure DJ Ario X is just biding his time, he does this to get the crowd going...

that or he forgot his damn password again and im finna kill 'im...cmon ario that'd be like the 3rd time dont make me sad ???


So yeah, he may have amnesia at times but he's comin back on Chiefy - on an unrelated note Robitussums next time you see him could you remind him where this thread is? I swear its like partnering up with the guy from Momento...



even if he died a thousand deaths, when he ressurect

he'd still be X, the jams'd still be def

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on that note, a quicky off the top of the head...


When this thread sounds like shit's goin absurd,

shit's bein said that you aint neva heard,

people goin silent like you said the wrong word

you know its prolly all cause my girl Freebird...

crowd lookin round like "where the point went?"

some people actin evil, all gettin hella bent

but its just another post from queen irrelevant

and now im out for the night, no more lyrics - im spent.


- :D of the Patos_small.jpg

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Long past due, its time for a quick Dawg Pound Remix....


"Natural Born Playa-Killaz"

(feat. Decard Cain)



Journey with me

Into the mind of a player hack

Doomed to be a player killer

Since I came out the proggie hack

I'm in a murderous mindsate

With a Clan full of mortals

I see the devil in the portal

CHOP CHOP, Lights out

Cause when I get my blades out

Niggaz get hauled off [Cain:] haha Stroke one

Touches your motherfuckin flesh [Cain:] Stroke two

rips your fuckin heart out your chest

You see I'm quick to let the blade sing

On my Claidhmore so if you try beat my ear score

Fool it's your bad time

Feel the steel of the Legit splitter

Town kill spell aimed at your head

Like your name was Irish Ninja

Decapitatin I ain't hesitatin

To put you in the ear barrel at home

With a big chunk of your dome

I'm hot like lava

You got a problem?

I got a problem solver

And its name is ReVoLvEr 3.0

It's like a deadly game of player hack

I touch you with a 6' Claid in the back

And your rotting ear in mah sack

Nobody iller

Than this graveyard filler

Sword swinga

Cause I'm a Natural Born Playa-Killa



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Haha...oh my god, the Dawg Pound drops a Diablo joint, i wasnt expecting that one...Chief, you gotta see this....

Not bad at all TD, even sampled a cool song at that (damn Dre & Cube album never did come out :D ...)

Heh i bet that's the first Diablo mix out there too...

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Haha....yeah, it is....Sullen Choirboy down there is just dyin to step up to anyone these days, but this Chronic Monstah's had his fill for now...

but hey Chiefy if you feel like takin on the Asthmatic Enemy of God (again), help yourself...

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Alright, looks like Ill represent solo for now, that's cool. Chief's rhymes were pretty good back there, couldnt let shit slide...


Preludes to War:Clan in da front - (Only samplin off the Wu 'cause you upped the ante with Nas...)


Clan in the front, let ya feet stomp

Duado on the left, handles shit like Meth

Ario on the right, like a shadow in the night

Tussin in the back, get on in the track (to what?)

Clan in the front, let ya feet stomp


PM Crew comin through, the timing is critical

fuckin with our styles, and hopin for a mircale

battle soul to soul like this shit's gettin spirtual

while ya dyin on wax, thank god its only lyrical

losin this one preemptively, heart full of sorrow

now Chief's sad, but the sun'll still rise up tomorrow, and

shine, shine, shine like 409, here comes that chump punk, still thinkin he can rhyme...

pass the mic, son, pass the mic, lets get on this track like carpets on a dyke; the cowboy...

one who just represent the PM click,

with the will & skills of an old school flick,

like Pacino & his friend in that one, Scarface,

ya fuckin roach, take them lyrics, rewind & erase

and stop, the ones you hunt, they got you in the fuckin zone,

and Ill beat ya down with this microphone

So move over bitch, cause ya ass cant hack it,

Patos Malos comin through, in full metal jackets

god squad that's mad hard to hate

front here, get that ass dropped outta state...


Duado on the left, creepin up like death

Ario on the right, high as a kite,

Tussin in the back, never comin wack (to what?)

Malos in the front, let ya feet stomp


No remorse while we clown that ass,

You ain't shit: this whole damn thread had ya gassed

Challengers are somethin the duck clan crush,

take the stage again, and feel the bumrush

That chatter dont matter - how many threads ya did,

how many posts you done, or who blows ya, kid

It's like "introducing..." yo, fuck this beaner's name

then I grab the mic, and rhymes droppin like rain

Ya knees start knockin as my style increases...

What's that that i smell? Aw, Chiefy's feces!

Throw them fat undies in ya hamper...

next time ya come test, remeber bring a pamper

now how you feel playa? youre better off as a quitter

Cause cowboy's on the plate and this shit's a no-hitter

I'll terrorize this jam like a man from Pakistan

Slappedbyho's cant recover, but he'll do what he can

Ya tried to shine on the clan on our way out the gate

now its "man, i was just playin!" but that shit's too late

and now ill help that ass up, just to do my good deed,

but learn ya lesson son - stay out the major league


Duado on the left, shotcallin like a ref,

Ario on the right, with that crazy horse bite

Tussin in the back, uhm, she got a nice rack (to what?)

Clan in the front, let ya feet stomp



yeah, i wanted to twist more lyrics but what GZA had was too good...


Patos.jpgethodtical Malos -It begins...

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Patos Malos ain't the only crew up in this place anymore!


:Starts with the Thunderbirds intro:

Stand by for action

5 (dihn)

4 (dihn)

3 (dihn)

3 (dihn)

3 (dihn)

:over '3 (dihn)' looped in background, shouted out Busta style:

KOS-One steppin up representing I-R-E

Bringing you the flows of The Maniac Cop III

:end intro:


:kick in with David Holmes - Incite A Riot, starting from 0.32:

Cracka's representing from transatlantic

Fucked up grooves and beats goin' frantic

We rock the crazy shit maniacally

Then beat your ass down with full authority

Those Rodney King fucks don't got nothing on us

We'd a beaten the cameraman too, kept the whole thing hushed

If there's gonna be riots we're the ones to start em

Tear-gas the crowd then baton charge in


Ya got me, King of Snake leading the line

Blessed with the best in rhythm and rhyme

I'm so ill, got the skillz to just kill ya for thrills

Trynna step to me's like trynna ice skate uphill

You wanna attack me, it better be a good blow

Cos I only need one pass like Ogami Itto

Think twice before you take on this ronin

I'll kill you, then get yo bitches moaning


Cos I'm venomous, spit bile when I talk

Muthafucking elite, shit bullets when I walk

Republican guard, Republic of Ireland

I'm angrier than Roy Keane in Saipan

Y'all other MC's can't compare to me

Ya go one on one, you fall at my feet

Y'all try and gang up, what you thinkin' fool

Back-up got my back, the MC3 crew


Ya got Soldier of Fortune the precinct sniper

Shoot you in the spine leave you shitting in diapers

Dangerous mofo, the don of Navan

HE shot up the beltway, we framed John Allen

Ya see a red dot ya better know fear

One shot, one kill, he can hit you from here

Ya piss him off, ya get him surled

He'll cap ya with the second shot heard round the world


But he's cracked his quota of heads for the day

That's why he ain't here, he's out to play

Gone out drinkin', he's off duty

Getting it on with some fine ass booty!

Coming to the bridge and I'm about done

Gonna pass to maniac precinct's youngest gun

You're up now Jont, I took point

Pick up the mic and bring fire to this joint!

:passes the mic at 1.55:



Jont's gonna pick up where I left off tomorrow...

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Haha...damn KOS not bad my man! I'm givin it four mics out of five till the boys show up - plus you know half of us dont follow the irish shots..."Roy Keane in Saipan", what!?


Seriously, usually we have to give pity props (like when Chief raps) but that was pretty damn good for a first go at it! So, is it the Maniac Cop group, the Irish bastards, or just the Cracka Clan? Let us know, im happy to see my clan finally gettin some real competition! Oh, and im dyin to see what Jont cooks up for ya'lls logo if you do one, hah....

(ps im gonna resist the house of pain jokes for now...heh.

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My name is chief, and im da instigatah

but now im left rappin solo, call me the mastabatah

tryin to set up battles between this & this crew...

scared to death that theyll all come down upon you...

Now you's the mic checker? Then try this crew out

but i doubt

that you know what MC'ings all about..


get up on the mic, find out who's best,

but lay off the malos, lest we test that chest

this one came off the top of the head,

but now im wish i was off playin Metroid instead...peace.


Patos_small.jpg foo, you know how we do it

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