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Ok, ok i got it, you want me to call someone out rather than trash you again. Who am i gonna call out that'll respond? Spiffy? Junker? Jumbie? Who do you want to see down here to begin with?

@#$%in telemarketers are blowin up my phone...

The SF II shots...hah, nice Chiefy

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P.S. (you knew you'd get a response when these people stopped callin me)


Minority Report - ode to BigQueefSlappedbyHos

- let's try to the the tune of Slick Rick & Doug E. Fresh, "The Show"


Verse 2, old school like its in hebrew,

Ill break this shit on down, simplify it all for you:

You aint even on my level, I can barely hear you

you'd best to shut ya damn mouth while you 0 for 2

While ya sleepin with them kids like ya Micheal Jackson,

youre only on the board cause of affirmative action..

Comin at me like ya fat ass can even look fierce,

what's on ya mind, big man; did ya clit get pierced?

Need to watch it with the white jokes, you half-ass rapper

3 shades lighter, mothafucka, you'd be a cracker

whoever said you should hold a mic - they lied

this here's a mercy killing, but it may hurt yo pride

And here i go with a freestyle off the top that i drop

while this beaner takes a beatin, man someone call a cop

Ya style's so old, it needs to wear some depends,

and now ya girl's talkin to ya like "let's just be friends..."

ya got the street fighter skills of a, parapalegic,

and there aint shit rhyminn with, uh, parapalegic

so as the flow runs low I'ma hit the do

and hope the big Queefy dont come back no mo - peace.

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::and the crowd goes wild throwing gang signs in the air & busting gunshots in no particular order!!::


That was great! I think you got me on that one... CLIT PIERCED?!? Where'd that come from?


IC. Better off callin' this guy Hi-C,

he's fruitier than the produce section of my local grocery.

You know you liked it!

Edited by BigChiefSlapaho
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ADMIN-DAY over Method Man - Judgement Day



As I walk through the DD threads,

2 dead fags on the champion's chest.

The target? Y-A-H-V-E.

Runs this site but can't get no respect.

Makes all the ho's crawl out the window,

befo' he starts to dance, bitch, run for the do'.

Choc'late mixed with the cheese, like crack.

"Its from hell", watch his lips go smack.

Bastard, Quake, got the railgun, yes.

Talk so much my ears got nothin' left.

Java's dead wrong, code's too long.

Falls asleep & takes hits of the bong.

See his index? See his thumb?

All worn down from mas-ter-ba-tion.

Spicy food leaves his whole shit numb.

Hmmm, that his feet? Smells like fish.

Ladies, don't dare fuck with the hair,

Chief ain't playin' over here... playa!

Only one way, the DD way,

his beeper's beepin', ADMIN DAY!



I've had this remix on my brain all day. Hope Yahve can understand it.

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Hahaha...holy shit, that was the best ive seen here, hands down. I mean, i tried to make mine match the beat a lil bit, you know? I think it flowed...the clit pierce thing, hah, i cant reveal that one, but yeah mad points on the Hi-C thing, i think that and the M Bision ones were my favorite lines...

but this one - people you really gotta hear the insturmental of this one in the background, Chief took Meth's flow and made it his own, even when the lyrics are just being altered to fit Yahven.

My favorite bits:


Java's dead wrong, code's too long.

Falls asleep & takes hits of the bong.

See his index? See his thumb?

All worn down from mas-ter-ba-tion.


that and "Chief aint playin over here..PLAYA!" holy shit, that was a trip.

Fuck, congrats on a job well done chief, heres to hopin Yahven swings on down here. I may've nailed ya in round 2 but i think the crown's yours for now man, good job.

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Eh..not so much but it sounded like Freebird wanted to freestyle a while back, god knows i might some time, not necessarily callin people out...would that go under another thread, maybe in culture/music?

If this one gets more attention maybe ill try it in Stonehenge, just wanted to see how the South Park thing panned out.


"...boom it in your, boom it your, boom it in your jeep..."

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CHEIFTAN come down, get your ass on the ground

Cause I'm the latest, the greatest, pound for pound.

Down from the heavens like bolts of lightning,

set to jump in on all the fighting.


Railgun yes, locked and loaded.

Pally can't handle, Merc... who knows him.

PC Playa from the I to the T

Action, Adventure and R.P.G.


Burning down the track in a car dressed in black

is a man who's all whack, killing cones, dissing track.

A forum member, the grand pretenda

Flaggin down his ladies with the armseat splenda.

This is the man who "knows" he's all that.

Hardcore racer? or backstreet coder.


Livin on the lamb for his mexican crimes,

tacos, tequilla, these arent tools of great minds.

Dame, y Dame, y Dile que no,

this poor cuban beaner in circles he goes.


The Salsa King is his crown by born blood

Chief of the battle by his boy from the hood.

How many crowns can a single man wear,

Before that and his ass fall split seam and tear.



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...and the crowd goes wild!!

Damn not only did our elusive admin rock the mic, he did it 2 languages, that shit's cool as fuck. My favorite shine:


Hardcore racer? or backstreet coder.




*IC grabs the mic handoff from Chiefy*


"I rock it to the east, i rock it to the west, i rock it to...fuck.." *CLICK*

Ok ill try back later today....good work tho Yahven

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..so, as the new thread title implies, calling out/battles will be held here, but freestyles about whatever's on your mind are also highly encouraged.

Even our absentee admin came on down & gave it a go, what are you afraid of?

Sure, you can vent in Blargh, but you can rock the mic over here...who's next?

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yeah i tried to get it to the beat of the first flow that they did outta the three... i prolly fucked up but now you two can take it away... :D


First freestylin’ lady of drunken deities

Think your shits this good… bitch please

Wanna a piece of this, grab a ticket

Gonna be a while, but- fucking worth it

Im not so hard to keep satisfied

Don’t know how? I’ll be your guide

And teach a thing or two-

You never knew

Yeah I already knew

Chicks like me are few

Bitch step back- stop tryin’ to imitate

Little dumb broad- jail bait

The game’s all mine, so just keep steppin’

Smells kinda rank … your legs must be open

Countless times they tell your ass to leave

Having you around ‘s just their pet peeve

Hopefully one day you’ll come to understand

The one holdin’ yo’ hand- I already had,

Been there, done that, just because I can

Poor little girl, you know he ain’t yo’ man

Sorry to inform ya, but he neva’ was

In fact to set it straight I know it’s just because

I told his ass to go, yeah he left on cue

He was desperate for some ass, so he got wit you

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