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Haha...swear to god i just guessed the nails thing...and ok i guess it was obvious i had insider info on that one..

i would like to point somethin out tho: at this point a few people have given battles & freestyles a go, and i think thats cool as fuck, we really appreicate it all. But, since the first one, Birdy's caught on to somethin that few people have...flow.

Seriously, i have to revise my shit like 4 or 5 times before i post it, just tryin to put it to the tune (or any beat) in my head and make sure it flows...the syllable # doesnt have to be right on point, just so it sounds like you could pull it off on a mic.

Because of that, Birdy's joints have been gettin better & better and Ihad to use one of the great Em battle songs to salvage my ass...what im sayin is take the fact i had to dig that one up as a compliment, you done good!

Now if youll excuse me its back to the lab for me and next time im up in this bitch, Chiefy's goin down.

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Haha...you got a point there.

I mean, here i was, all ready to put out a Warning:

"..who the fuck is this, talkin shit at 11:41 in the mornin,

crack of dawnin

now I'm yawnin, wipe the sleep out my eyes,

see who's this startin shit, and why..."


But then you got me thinkin...pullin Biggie on Chief? Nah, X (with a side of Z) willl work just fine, never play an ace when a 2 will do.


Chief, Slap, Hos: Ruff Ryder revenge - (Jay Z & DarkMan X - "Money, Cash, Ho's)


Yo, yo...I'm, IC, and I flow slick

fuck Chief, his shit blows dick

he drops shit, while i drop the hits

Chief, Slap, Ho soft like clits, what

fools try to stop the flow, to no luck

then try to sample offa DMX and got stuck, what

like I'm the villian, an fuck your feelings

while ya runnin ya mouth, my post number's in the millions

and ya'll cant rhyme on my level

Im'a stay on top of this shit, that's the way i figure

while ya'll go to list of gods and see my picture

If you get close enough to it you can read the scripture

it says "Chief found dead, with Cowboy on the trigger", what


[Chief, Slap, Ho's, slapped by ho's (What)

bitch, of the board, and everybody knows (Uhh)

needs to try again when he learns flows (Come on)

Eric, Ma, Chado (What) just a ho (What), (What)

Chief, Slap, Ho's, and his shit blows (What)

grabs, the mic, and peeps hit them doors (Uhh)

shut, ya mouth, fore you go and start wars (Come on)

Eric, Ma, Chado (What) he's no mo (What), (What)]


I to the C, and my shit fights

Ian, the human being, rhyme all night

Cowboy for life, still spit this rap hit

If i let you go then i know you gonna start, bitch

and then I smack shit

actin like i owe you somethin,

like im keepin score or somethin,

talk back, thats when they find you on the floor or somethin

fuckin with an irishman on the wrong day,

thats like tryin to jack broncos when the driver's OJ

but gettin back to my just, cause I love my crew

we shed blood, you know how we do

leave chief's ass, black and blue

where's his girl at? cause she gets fucked too, uh


{chorus, then fade...you know how it is...}



...you like that shit? I figured, i'm tearin it up so much lately i gotta pick a song that forces me to switch styles haflway just to make shit fair, haha...

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Aww yeah...ok so ive confirmed that DJ Ario X intends to drop a verse or two, while Cap'n P told me he's workin on somethin to challenge one of our voyeurs, Duado the Deadly, into making him come out of hiding....and now Robitusums on board, this one's gonna get lively.

Rumors of challenges have been circulating (largely through me) about a Jumbie/Junker feud over Dinghy, that id pay to see as well...

this thread aint goin nowhere people, take your time and grab the mic when youre ready, youre amongst friends...

(hell im the whitest one here and im all over that bitch, give it a go!)

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Very good, very good...

"Good evenin ladies & gentlemen, Id like to welcome ya'll to the fabolous Carolina West, I own this mothafucka, my name is Ta-Dow, ya'll know who i be, ya'll tearin up shmit, but we got somethin old, and somethin new for ya'll tonite...put yo hands together..."

Haha sorry i just wanted to be the one to welcome the Dirty South on in....

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RobitussinEF calls out some non DD Members (which some of yall are aquainted with)


To the beat of Smilez and Southstar - "Tell me"



Yeah this right here

Is goin out to all my friends out there

Especially the ones that did me wrong ya know?

Im about to put yall out there to show you the reason


[Chorus same as the one in the song]


[Verse One]


Yeah yeah me and Red Dog

We had a perfect team

We had all the things that the others used to fiend

A bond, TRUST, good laughs and HONESTY

If i was ever sad Jay, you were there for me

Trips across the Ridge, showed me racing things

No more girls night outs, it was just us two hangin out

And when i wouldn't date you, you acted like it didn't matter

You said we were cool as friends, but you were lying through ur teeth

I was so decieved, I thought we were a team?

You used to blow up my cell phone but now i can see

That you were really talkin that trash but you acted all innocent to me

I trusted you my friend, why couldn't you just confront me

Instead you did me so wrong, and you still continue to dogg

You swear i dont know, but my anger still grows

I know your confused, about who i do, and how did you loose

I thought you were my friend, but now i have to cut you loose




Verse 2 to come.........


::Puts mic down::

Edited by RobitussinEF
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Haha..i dunno Chief youre helpin run this place but the fuentes there, she's the first lady of the patos malos...i wouldnt be too quick to challenge her...

do as ya'll please but im gonna freestyle a bit later, check out the upcoming battles & try some more joint efforts where i can.

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as i enter the vicinty yall fools is just killin me

rappin and writin yo could this be the end of me

in and out the game dont get my style twisted

ill rearrange ur set but my lyrics non explicit

influenced by the great

lets this fact straight

u acquired the wrong trait

and ur best i already ate

but ill keep it simple for those on the rookie level

u the soul im devil i keeps it dirty like a rebel

on some western ish i keeps it real with da cowboy

unbelievable im attainable i claim and destroy

but im thru with my spit

like levis i fit

u thought i ripped me off i left u split



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Aw shmit, its on to the break of dawn now...Ario X up in the spot! Haha...Patos Malos comin back...

only now im hearin rumors of new wars, looks like Chief's eager to attack our representatives of the dirty south, let's watch the drama unfold....

cause its not like anyone's gonna holla back at me ???


oh, my old favorites from "buncha spics anthem" on ario x's cut:


"girls see me and they shake like maracas...

I'm panamanian, greatest DJ and,

try me more than once, gettin beaten down again..."


"grapefruit flava, business major, if ya cat keeps around, then I'ma tame her..."


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