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The Matrix just wasn't my cup of tea...and I'm not much of a Keanu "Wooden Oscar" Reeves (outside of Ted Theodore Logan of course) guy.





Lord of the Rings sucked balls too. I didn't even go see the two towers I thought the first one sucked so bad.

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For IC....




1)All the fucking walking.

2)The Cate Blanchett shit.

3)That sawn off bastard Elijah Wood.

4)That gimp with the bow and arrow.

5)Elves and fairies and all that shit never took my fancy so three hours of 'em sucked hard.


There's alot more but I may as well quit before I get killed...

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Haha...fair enough. I just never followed Heartlessbitch either on the "all the walking" thing..its a wandering movie, if they had AT-ATs or snowspeeders im sure theyd use em, but they gotta get places..i guess you wouldve wanted less transition? Im only bothered if there's no characterization or decent dialogue during the walking, but i dont remember it being like that...anyway, im not as hyped on the series as others but i do think its fun..tho if youre not up for medieval fantasy, i guess i can see where its akin to The Postman for you or somethin.

So, wait...you dont dig Matrix or Rings, whatabout Star Wars..at least the old ones, right? And ya got me curios, i want a top 5 reaons why the Matrix sucked when youve got a minute, hah...

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Wow, I should start a thread about my hate for things...


5 Reasons why I hate the Matrix


1)Keanu "wooden Oscar" Reeves. He'll always be Ted Theodore Logan to me. I can't take the fucker seriously.

2)I'm not big on kung fu shit.


4)The leather.

5)The first time I watched it I fell asleep before it ended. Nuff Said.


BTW I love A New Hope and ADORE Empire but Jedi...yeah..it's good but has alota shitty moments and not enough Han.


CONTRIVERSIAL COMMENT 3: I fucking hate Fight Club

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Wow...i really dont know what to say, most people who didnt dig it didnt actually watch it out of not givin Reeves a chance (did you see Devil's Advocate? Yeah, he's not that great but he did alright), but you...you actually watched it and hated the style, fight scenes, and technology...wow. This definitely wasnt your movie.


Ok, now that ive made a seperate thread of it (hah), lets hear it! 5 reasons why Fight Club sucks (youre not nearly alone here, but i thought you migtve been amongst the male gender anyway...)

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5 Reasons I Hate Fight Club


1)I've always hated movies that preach (american beauty was another one of these) and that's all that Fight Club did in my eyes.

2)If you had to be topless how come Meatloaf got away with it - huh, huh?

3)Uh....it's kinda homo erotic.

4)It's all about guys afraid of having no balls.

5)Jared Leto. Boy I hate him.


I think it woulda been a better movie if at the end it turned out Helena Bonham Carter was Ed Norton and all the time he thought they were having sex he was really just jerking off.

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5 Reasons I hate America Beauty


1)The whole preaching thing I mentioned earlier

2)That fuck with the plastic bag

3)Knowing the end at the start - I sat there for 2 hours waiting for that one moment. I hate that.

4)It was soooooooooo deep

5)Just because a guy is homophobic doesn't mean he's a repressed homosexual

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I'm all about Casablanca...but


5 Things I Hate about FOREST GUMP


1)That nasty cum slut Jenny. Way to leave the tard with the kid.

2)There wasn't enough product placement.

3)The Captain or whatever that dudes name was. Though he did like whores.

4)Stupid is as stupid does

5)The main man himself.


...I could just complain all day...

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i got no beef with that one. Brings back happy childhood memories. Ah, the Grizwalds. Say what ever happened to Chevy?

Ohhh I know...


5 reasons I hate Cops and Robertsons

1)Curly ain't half as cool as he was in city slickers or Batman

2)That ugly little kid

3)I payed money renting it out

4)Chevy...you used to be cool

5)It's not as good as Speed 2: Cruise Control

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Any other flawless films that you hate for their flawlessness? Pulp Fiction? Being John Malcovich? The Godfather? The Wizard Of Oz? You hate preachy, so Bowling For Columbine isn't even a question? How about Election? 12 Monkeys? This Is Spinal Tap? You can't tell me you don't love This Is Spinal Tap!

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