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Question about X-men to nick


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Hey Nick I was wondering if it really matter that I start reading ultimate X-men at Volume 2?(It doesn't really seem to matter too much so...)


Oh and I have this question about Marvel girl and Rogue. Ok, I was reading this one comic about Archangel and the whole group called Marvel girl Jean Grey. Like Marvel girl was her nickname. (old spoiler) Then I read a bit about Rogue when she gains her permanent powers. She soppesedly killed Marvel girl and gained her powers?? Am I missing something here?? Does Jean Grey have three lives or something??

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Howdy John...you know i have Ultimate X-Men here in trade, volumes 1-5 right? You should come on back for a bit...

..Whole group? Phoenix (Jean Grey) used to like being called "Marvel Girl", but she was a different one; in some takes, she borowed the name cause she dug the chick who was the original Marvel Girl/Miss Marvel, whose powers were basically flight and superstrength, like Captain Marvel or somethin...old cheezy character, basically.

Rogue, originally, wasnt very well liked because as i recall, she started out a villian. I dont think she was with the Brotherhood of Mutants, but she mighta been...anyway, they first had to deal with her vampiric-like powers as a villian, so they didnt take to her when Xavier put her on the team, only Wolvy seemed to a lil bit.

At some point - i have no idea what comic this happened in - they decided to expand her powers by having her take on the original Marvel Girl (again, completly seperate, non-mutant superhero as i understand it), and she absorbed her powers too long - she kept them, as well as that chick's memories. Marvel Girl ended up crippled for the rest of her life, and i didnt hear much beyond that...just that Rogue was now a powerhouse and could fly. In Ultimate X-Men, that's not the case, yet.

Hope that helps...?

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Nah, vol. 1 & 2 are :D (Aadil's), i have em here now, theyre worth readin.

Also, was readin this old X-Men site last night that talked about Carol Danvers, how she used to have the powers before Rogue jacked em and all...didnt strike me as a horribly exciting story, anyway. It was at least cool that she was initially a villian & the whole team hated her, but early on she got teamed up with Wolvy and they got close.

She gets a mention or two in Ultimate X-Men, keep readin when ya can.

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keep lookin, loganses. i already got your top 3 threads on deck.


ps Sephiroth if you make it back around, JMS tried to retcon in a character named RachealPhoenix as a PR stunt in '06, true x-fans know this so dont listen to these people/wiki

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