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This and Half-Life 2 are two games I realy want to get my hands on, but I'm probably going to have to wait a couple of months untill hardware goes down in price.





800 Mhz Celeron (clocked to 1Ghz and change)

512 of Ram

32mb graphics card

Not a hope in the world :/

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Update, I got some hax to turn the brightness up as far as it can possibly go (which whatever seems to be wrong with my monitor isn't that bright, it's still atmospheric, and there's plently of shadows about, but I don't find myself stuck in pitch blact corridors getting shot by seemingly invisible grunts). I'm still not sure if I'm playing it brighter than it was intended to be or if I'm just compinsating for a technical issue, I realy wish the video options had one of those grayscale test cards to set your brightness by.



I'm a fair bit through now, the games good. The first level's pretty moody but after a while the relentless pace strips away all the spook factor. The AI is almost non existent. It's kind of dissapointin when it introduce an impressive looking beasty that shock horror, runs at me and tries to kill me, whatever will they think of next? Then when they introduce those twelve foot tall fuckers with guns for arms, they seem so slow that I think I'm playing Max Payne for a minute.

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