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So, for those that dont know, weve got this page on ads & such, just wanted to throw a few ideas out there:


-I'm using MeatlHeart's new ad avatars at some other boards now, check it out!




-I was thinking....there's sites like cafexpress or whatever that make merchandising for people, but its really cheaply made shit.

However, if we had any way of doing a Hondo's shirt or bumper sticker, who'd be up for buying one? Id be down to pimp this place out from my truck!


-Lo Fi Magazine is talking ads, but the price is about our server fees....since im gonna have to do another member drive for donations next january, i dont wanna push for another while im still thanking everyone who helped out last time...but if i can get my house in order by the year's end, ill announce it here if we get a spot in there.


If youve got other ideas for .gif banners or any other way of promoting Hondo's, share it here!

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I'd love to put a banner on our site once we finish with the re-design, but do you think you could change "whores" to something else?


By the way, cafepress's stuff is sometimes a little cheaply made, but it's pretty damn good considering you don't have to pay anything to get it done (sadly the price for anyone who wants to buy it is rather high).

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Man, ive had no luck in getting some assistance with the logo....was trying for "disucssion" or even "dialogue", but im being told to learn photoshop illustrator, i think it was...no time for it at the moment, but mebbe in a bit.

Meantime there's this banner, which of course mentions bukkake instead...yeah, were naughty children.

Id appreciate a link, but ill try to find something that'll work better with your site inna meantime.


So you think cafepress is worth lookin into?

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Ok, im gonna try to look into cafepress this week....between me, WhoDey, and Cap'n, ive confirmed at least a few heads interested in Hondo's shirts and bumper stickers (do they make those, SB?)


Next...anyone know about cheap business cards? I was thinkin itd be a cool way to :D us out next time i meet someone who's down...we'd be like a cult!

Plus, i cant help but think, back when i met Kevin Smith...what if id pre-registered him an account, handed him a card with his username & pass on the back, and just said that he's got a lotta fans here, could he please post once to give a shout-out or somethin? Coulda worked...anyway, just an idea, what do you people think?

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Hmm...well, as i understand it, Cafepress prolly wont customize your name onna back.

However, Da Cap'n said somethin bout this uncle makin t-shirts, so if we want specifics (like names, or baseball style ones like Eeyore's talkin) maybe we should ask him if we could do that, that could be cool too.

I just want one with the classic "whores" logo. :D

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Are you sure you want to make this thing too big?


More members leads to more posts.

More posts leads to higher web space requirements

Higher web space requirements leads to more $$ spent on the site.


I'd prefer to have it be one or two degrees of seperation, like friends and friends of friends. Up to you, of course.

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Hmm...well, the card idea was just for when you meet down-ass people...ive met dozens of people at the hospital, id say 2 of them were cool enough to post here.

That, and to invite people like Kevin Smith, if given the opporunity, that's pretty much it.

I dont really think shirts or bumper stickers are gonna get many folks on at all, personally...there's ads for web sites all over. So i dont think we'd see a flux of new folks, i just kinda thought itd be cool to put it out there.


Then again, its not like we couldnt take newbies....shit, we had 200+ on the other day and took it!

But i know what you mean...Yahven used to fear this place growing too big, and forgetting its roots of six degrees, member profiles and alla that...there's people on now i dont know from adam, but its cool by me, anyway.


ps ooooo salma

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Also, im hijacking from another board (again) but i really think we should make this one, one of our own:




Classy cats might be just what we need to get people in here, since my local church banner isnt doing it.

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Its cool, appreacite the thought - were still open, so were good.

Seems to be some interest in the t-shirt thing...mebbe SB's right about taking some logos to Cafexpress or whoever? it woudlnt really raise funds much for us, but itd be fun advertising, i figure.

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