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Sequels we'd actually like to see

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Ok, admit it, sometimes when we see a movie, we love the characters so much that we really WOULD like to see a sequel about them. Unfortunately, Hollywood never makes the sequels that some of us want to see (Jurassic Park 3 and Jason X come to mind). What movies, if any, do you wish they'd make a sequel of?

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Well, these are all under the assumption that they could get the original cast and crew, again, of course. But just to name a few...

Who Framed Roger Rabbit 2

Ghostbusters 3

Dogma 2 (actually a prequel would be better, cause a Bartleby and Loki movie would kick ass)

Mystery Men 2 (as long as they hired a better director)

And hey, how about a sequel to The Rocketeer?

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Shawshank Redemption 2:  Electric Boogaloo


[Tehuatineo Mexico]


2 years after shawshank 1, andy remarried and now lives with hot mexican wife and his butler and longtime pal, red


::a knock is heard on the door, andy opens up and there are two police officers standing in the doorway::


Officer 1: "Senor Dufrense, your wife was found dead this morning, you are under arrest for her murder"


Red:  Jumpin' Gee willakers!  


Andy:  Aye caramba!  Here we go again!


Umm, no.  Unbreakable could use the rumored sequel though, I could see that being a series.  Other than that, can't really anything else.  Especially since I think the best sequels are made when they are planned before the first movie is even made, finding a way to expand on and continue the story of a movie that was meant to be a complete story seems pretty hard.

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Ok, here we go.


Boondock Saints 2: would be nice becaus ethe ending did leave it kinda open for that, but now that Willem Dafoe (gay FBI-officer extrodinare) is workign alongside the Saints, they'd need to introduce another character to a good guy trying to solve cases involving them and such (I guess, maybe they wouldn't want to take the plot in that direction).


Who Framed Roger Rabbit 2: Err...too much potential to screw it up.


Ghostbusters 3: Heard Dan Ackroyd was working on one with Will Smith and a few other young guys in it (sort of a recruit new guys and have a veterns vs rookie type tension). Could work, I guess.


Dogma 2 (actually a prequel would be better, cause a Bartleby and Loki movie would kick ass): If you mean a prequel as in when Bartleby and Loki first got banished to Earth, then no. Kevin Smith flims work well only in the present. Can't imagine a period piece by him. You forget that The new son of god was conceived at the end of the first film. Does that not speak of any possibilities to you? Plus, Bartleby and Loki went to Hell, doesn't mean they can come back up to Earth for some hijicks (Azrael was from hell, as was his hockey playing minions, if you'll recall). Sequel seems best for Dogma.


Mystery Men 2 (as long as they hired a better director): I guess. I wouldn't be to excited.


And hey, how about a sequel to The Rocketeer: It's been forever since I saw that movie. As long as they don't try to make it all trendy and stupid by adding "a street-wise, wise-cracking lovable sidekick" or something.


As far as the Matrix goes: We all know the next to films are sequels and will involved the downfall of the Matrix. Does this at all seem parallel to Star Wars?!? There's all this back story about 'the One' that 'freed the first of us'. Perfect setup for a prequel trilogy. About the downfall of man, teh rise of the machines, teh war between them, how the humans torched the sky to block the sun, how they built Zion (we will see the city of Zion in the next two films by the way) how the One came to free the first of the fighters, etc. By the if Agent Smith turns out to have been the One, and he turned to the Matrix (the dark side) to become agent (parallel to Jedi -> Sith), let the record state, I predicted it first!

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And hey, how about a sequel to The Rocketeer?


SB...what was so great about the Rocketeer in your opinion? Besides Jennifer Connelly... seriously. I haven't seen it in forever either, but what mnade you single that one out? Im just curious.

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Metal Gear on the NES is the big soft bun.


Metal Gear Solid 1 and 3 are the big slabs of beef and bacon.


Metal Gear: Solid Snake on the MSX is the big slices of tastey cheese.


Metal Gear Solid on the GameBoy Colour is the heavenly sauce.




Metal Gear Solid 2 and 4 are the big long ginger hairs in my otherwise tastey Big Chief Mega Burger.


damn, I'm hungry now...............

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