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Perhaps one of my favorite X-Men crossovers, and one of the best of the 90's gimmicks, this whole "What if?" summer event hinged on the idea that...fuck it, here's Newsarama's take on it.


In 1995, shockwaves were felt throughout X-fandom when Marvel cancelled their existing X-Men titles, only to replace them with all-new, all-different X-titles for four consecutive months.


In place of Uncanny X-Men, the adjectiveless X-Men, X-Factor, Wolverine, Generation X, X-Force, Excalibur and Cable, x-fans were introduced to a group of radical mutants in a world gone chaotic in titles such as Astonishing X-Men, Amazing X-Men, Factor X, Weapon X, Generation Next, Gambit and the X-Ternals, X-Calibre and X-Man.


Professor Charles Xavier was no longer the leader of the X-Men. His son, Legion, had traveled back in time to kill the X-Men’s sworn nemesis and Xavier’s friend Erik Magnus Lensherr before he even became a villain we know him today as Magneto.


However, things went horribly wrong…


Xavier sacrificed himself to save his friend’s life just as the former’s future son was about to deal the killing blow. And the X-Men was never formed by Xavier in the new continuity.


With Rogue by his side, Magneto became the leader of a new group of X-Men, one that involved Sabretooth, Wild Child, Blink and Morph where the various teams battled the oppressor that was Apocalypse.


This was the Age of Apocalypse. And Marvel is celebrating the ten-year anniversary of the Age of Apocalypse with another event in March 2005.


On board for the anniversary event are some of the creators involved in the original Age of Apocalypse event. Scott Lobdell, Larry Hama and the Kubert brothers, Adam and Andy, are joined by Akira Yoshida, Tony Bedard, Tony Daniel, Mark Brooks, Paco Medina, Talent Caldwell, Roger Cruz and Kia Asamiya in X-Men: Age of Apocalypse One-Shot, a 48-page, $3.99 comic with a wraparound cover by Bryan Hitch. Stories told in the one-shot include the origin of Generation Next, the first meeting of Sabretooth and Wild Child, Weapon X’s first run-in with Mariko Yashida in Japan, as well as the revelation of how the AoA world survived the nuclear holocaust that threatened it at the end of X-Men: Omega. (!)


The anniversary celebration continues in the X-Men: Age of Apocalypse mini-series by writer Akira Yoshida and artist Chris Bachalo (the original Generation Next artist). The first five of six issues are expected to be out in March, followed by the concluding chapter in April. According to Marvel, this isn’t a restart, and doesn’t ignore what has come before. The solicitation for the miniseries reads: Apocalypse has been destroyed; the end of the world has been averted. Or has it? Sinister has just unleashed a massive force unseen, unrivaled, and unbeatable. Magneto and the X-Men’s only hope lies in tracking down a retired Weapon X!”


Also available in March is the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Age of Apocalypse 2005, written by Mike Raicht and includes in-depth bios on more than 40 characters from the Age of Apocalypse with an all-new cover by Mark Brooks that is digitally painted by Justin Ponsor.


And - for those who missed it the first time around, March also sees the release of X-Men: The Complete Age of Apocalypse Epic Book One TPB, collecting X-Men Chronicles #1 and #2, Tales from the Age of Apocalypse: By the Light, X-Man #-1, X-Man ’96 Annual, Tales from the Age of Apocalypse: Sinister Bloodlines and Blink #1-#4 in a massive 360-page collection with a $29.99 cover price.


March also sees Blink and Sabretooth, both characters from the Age of Apocalypse timeline, returning to the AoA world together with their Exiles team members in the two-part “Son of Apocalypse” arc in Exiles #60 and #61. “In Exiles #59, the team arrives on a world they've visited before, but Heather Hudson, aka Sasquatch, mysteriously does not arrive with them,” writer Tony Bedard told Newsarama. “The world they're on is one where they left behind the AoA Sabretooth to raise a powerful young mutant to adulthood, making sure he doesn't turn into the tyrant he's destined to be [last seen in issue #13]. This is a world that Blink had been sent back to during her previous absence from the team. We end up learning what happened to her during that absence -- a shocking revelation that alters her relationship with Sabretooth and with her boyfriend, Mimic. By the end of the issue, Sabretooth has joined the Exiles team to replace Sasquatch, and the team has a confrontation with the Timebroker which gets them sent to the AoA reality, not as a reward, but as a punishment.


“The two-parter has the Exiles arriving in the AoA reality at the same time the AoA event is happening. The Exiles arrive in the AoA reality at some point after the new AoA Event has already begun, which is a year after X-Men: Omega. By this time, AoA Sabretooth has joined the Exiles team, so both he and Blink consider this place home. Unfortunately, the Timebroker has commanded them to attack and kill Magneto and his X-Men. He's also put none other than Holocaust on the Exiles team to make sure they carry out this mission.


“Of course, things don't exactly unfold as you'd expect. What's more, this story pretty much stands apart from the Big Event. It really does more to move the Exiles' current struggles against the Timebroker forward and it sets up an epic four-parter in which the Exiles finally discover the hidden truth behind the Timebroker and the whole operation that sends them on their reality-hopping missions to begin with. So if you like AoA, you'll really enjoy this story which features three of the AoA heavy-hitters, along with an appearance by Magneto and his X-Men. But you don't have to read this in order to enjoy the AoA Event itself.”


Once again, the universe as we know it ends March 2005…


So – running it down again, an AoA checklist:


AoA Checklist



X-Men: Age of Apocalypse One Shot

X-Men: Age of Apocalypse Part One of Six

X-Men: Age of Apocalypse Part Two of Six

X-Men: Age of Apocalypse Part Three of Six

X-Men: Age of Apocalypse Part Four of Six

X-Men: Age of Apocalypse Part Five of Six

Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Age of Apocalypse 2005

Exiles #60

Exiles #61



X-Men: Age of Apocalypse Part Six of Six


Lookit the cool ass art!






so my only qualms are:

1) theyre leaving the "how did they survive Omega...?" bit to be answered by the wrtier on X-Men/Fantatsic Four mini right now...which, based on its first issue, was ass.

2) More importatnly....that "collection for those that missed it", where's the core books? Does that include Alpha, Omega, Astonishing, Legion Quest, etc? The page # is huge, but it doesnt list em...i want the sourcebook in there, too!

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I hated the depiction of Apocalypse in the X-Men Evolution tv cartoon series. They made him too bad ass.


Hmm...didnt see it, im curious to see how he was portrayed. He ruled America, and much of the world, in this story...he can be corny if written wrong, but in this instance, he was quite the badass.


IC, do you have any comic books downloaded. pertaining to the Age of Apocalypse? I haven't touched comics in a long time.


Sorry man, nah, its all in m'head....when that book comes out, you can read it for sure.

There should be a torrent for it soon tho with the reluanch, knowing the community, so ill keep an eye out.


I would've liked seeing more of Wolvie & Sabertooth as a team...


Man, that was so weird for me....i dont wanna spoil anything here for those that didnt read, but for me, the most shocking moments (outside of "X-Men Omega") were with Colossus running Generation Next, and how that went....damn.

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You & me both, buddy...here's to hopin that massive trade includes more of the main story.


Newsarama update



by Benjamin Ong Pang Kean


The Age of Apocalypse.


Considered one of the biggest and most popular X-Men events in history.


Back then, who would’ve thought that the Powers That Be at the House of Ideas would cancel the entire X-Men range for four consecutive months, only to replace them with Astonishing X-Men, Amazing X-Men, Generation Next, Weapon X, Gambit & The X-Ternals, Factor X, X-Calibre, X-Man, X-Men Chronicles and X-Universe?


Ten years have passed since the milestone event.




Is anyone still an AoA fan?




“For a generation of fans, Age of Apocalypse has been one of the most beloved X-Men stories ever,” editor John Barber began. “It’s the sort of series that really defined what the X-Men were, to people growing up with it. AoA was the ultimate in those sort of last-ditch fight-of-your-life stories. If the good guys lose, the world is subjugated forever; if they win everybody dies -- or never existed. It was crazy, fun stuff and was way too good to leave behind forever.”


“The original AoA also marked the first time that a major comics company decided to halt publication of its best-selling titles,” X-editor Mike Marts added. “For all intents and purposes, the regular X-Men series went away for four months — a definite risk at the time, but one that definitely worked. And just think how many great concepts came out of AoA... Abyss, Blink, X-Man, Dark Beast, Sugarman...


“In any event, it seemed silly not to commemorate the 10th anniversary of AoA without some type of special project... we started brainstorming a bit and then before you knew it, we had the complete AoA package we’re presenting here.”




Therefore, to commemorate the special anniversary event, a special X-Men: Age of Apocalypse One-Shot is planned for March. “The one-shot is four short stories (and a bunch of pinups),” Barber explained. “Half the one-shot is written by original Age of Apocalypse writers, and the other half is by the “new” AoA crew. So for the “classics”, we’ve got Scott Lobdell and Larry Hama. The “new” side is Tony Bedard and Akira Yoshida. Drawing them, we’ve got Mark Brooks, Talent Caldwell, Roger Cruz, and Kia Asamyia.


“Most of the stories in the one-shot are never-before-told stories set prior to the original AoA. We’ll get some answers to questions left over from the original -- how did Sabretooth meet Wild Child? How did Weapon X know Mariko? The one exception is the Akira Yoshida/Mark Brooks story, which is bridges the gap between the original AoA and the new miniseries -- the story picks up right at the exact moment where X-Men: Omega left off 10 years ago, and leads you straight into the world of the mini.


“I mean, for fans of the original, there’s a pretty big question looming over this whole project -- “Didn’t everybody die on the last page?”


“Like what John said, the one-shot picks up where Omega left off, so it features most the characters who were alive before the bombs hit. (Or did they?) It focuses on Magneto, Rogue, Quicksilver and Weapon X,” Yoshida said.


“As for the mini-series, I don't want to give away too much, but there will be some familiar faces as well as some new ones. Mark Brooks fantastic cover to the AOA Handbook should keep fans guessing as some of the characters on there are actually a few red herrings!”




Yoshida is not new to the House of Ideas, having written X-Men/Fantastic Four, Elektra: The Hand, Thor: Son of Asgard and now, the X-Men: Age of Apocalypse limited series (issues #1-5 are scheduled for March with the sixth and final issue due in April) with art by Chris Bachalo, the same artist who drew Generation Next back in the day.


“He’s a fantastic writer with a real grasp on these characters,” Barber said. “He’s not afraid to put them in wild situations and see what happens. Chris Bachalo is drawing the mini, and he’s no stranger to AoA. Anybody who’s seen his art knows what an amazing artist he is, and he’s in top form here.


“The miniseries picks up some time after the events of the original Age of Apocalypse and continues the story. Without ruining too much, the story is -- at some level -- about what happens after the good guys win. The unstoppable villain who’d destroyed the world was stopped, but now all the survivors have to deal with the consequences. Mutants had subjugated and murdered humanity for so long, but now they have to learn to coexist with normal people… and vice versa.


“The world’s rebuilding, but the growing pains aren’t easy. We’ll see some old faces and a lot of new ones.




“The great thing about Akira’s story -- one of the great things, anyway -- is that it’s a thrilling story even if you’ve never read the original AoA. It’s totally accessible and a great read, and will probably make you want to read the original, if you haven’t… but it doesn’t force you to.


“And Chris’ art is nothing short of spectacular. He’s doing an amazing job in conceiving and maintaining the look and feel of this world, and balancing a cast of thousands.


“I really have to thank Mike, John and Marvel for this opportunity,” Yoshida expressed. “Generation Next was probably my favorite series, tied with [scott Lobdell and] Joe Mad [Madureira]'s Astonishing X-Men. I still remember the day I got my box with the final parts of the AOA saga in it shipped from America. I opened it up and right on top was the cover to Astonishing X-Men #4, the one with Rogue front and center. It sent chills down my spine. It's still one of my favorite cover images to this day.


“Other favorites included X-Men Chronicles that gave us some of the back stories behind the characters and the teams, and X-Universe as I enjoyed the stories of the lives of the other Marvel Universe characters in the AOA universe.


“My favorite characters were Rogue, Sunfire, Storm, Jean Grey, Angel and Cyclops, and the moment that still bothers me the most is that both Dani Moonstar and Karma died as they are both favorites of mine. I guess you can't win them all.




“I have been secretly hoping for the chance to write this series since the first AOA event wrapped. I waited almost a decade! I was a huge AOA fan back in the day and never lost my love for these books and characters. Actually, the original Age of Apocalypse event is probably the best-known American comic story here in Japan... ever! They have all been translated into Japanese and were best-sellers here. I am honored that Marvel chose to use my ideas for this new series.


“Now yes, I know that the AOA world was seemingly destroyed in a nuclear attack... and I have seen some of the online debate about it. However, I would kindly like to ask for the readers to trust us and I hope that they understand that we are going to be extremely respectful in going back to this world. I love it as much as they do. I am as nervous about writing it as they are of reading it. We are going to revisit the world about a year after the event and I promise that it will all makes sense when they read it.”


“We also have the two-part Exiles AoA tie-in “Son of Apocalypse” by Exiles regulars Tony Bedard and Jim Calafiore. Exiles will definitely be affected post-AoA... expect big status quo type changes in this book. Expect the unexpected,” Marts added.


“As John said earlier, fans who have never read any AOA stories before can pick these issues up and enjoy them,” Yoshida said. “I tried to write the new mini-series with an eye towards the new reader and a nod toward the hardcore fans like me. As to what I hope to achieve, I just really want to write a great story that lives up to the legend established by the AOA writers and artists of 10 years ago! The world of the Age of Apocalypse is such a beloved one that what I am doing in revisiting it here is exhilarating and nerve-wracking at the same time. I ultimately hope to craft a tale that will stimulate the fans and carry them back to this wonderful period in the X-Men mythos.”


Yoshida is also writing Wolverine: Soultaker [issues #1 and #2 of the five-issue mini-series are due in March) with Shin (Final Fantasy 7 and 8) Nagasawa and Katsuya Terada providing the interiors and covers, respectively. “In a nutshell, Yukio steals a necklace that takes Wolverine on a spiritual treasure hunt across Japan where he meets Mana, a priestess who accompanies him on this adventure against demons and zombies. It's a mystical horror romp!




“Soultaker is actually the second part of a larger overarching story I have in my head that tells the secret history of Japan in the context of the Marvel Universe. Part one was Elektra: The Hand, part two is Wolverine: Soultaker, part three was just recently approved but I can't talk about that mini-series just yet. These are all stand-alone stories about Marvel characters set in current Marvel continuity that make perfect sense on their own. However, they are all tied together by events that happened in Japan's feudal past. You can enjoy them on their own or you can read them all together and it will piece together a puzzle. In all, I envision it as six mini-series that all lead up into one grand comic book adventure that I call Old Souls, bringing these characters with connections from their pasts all together in the present. I don't know if Marvel will ever let me write the full story but in my mind, it all fits and I would love to tell the tale over time.”

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I remember when AOA came out I nearly had a heart attack 'cause I thought that it was gonna be that way forever (damn comics foolin' me...waitaminute...Stan Lee didn't invent The Sentry....grrrrr)

Yeah, when you're young you think all these crazy plot twists will be permanent. I remember thinking The Scarlet Spider/Ben Reilly was gonna permanently replace Spider-Man/Peter Parker. I remember thinking Superman Blue and Superman Red were gonna permanently replace flesh and blood Superman. You quickly learn, the bread and butter of superhero comics is familiarity. When Wolverine got bone claws, I thought 'OK, so when is getting the atomantium claws back, but they went years before giving him his classic claws back.

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So has anyone bought the trade? 'Cause I'm reading it now, but still felling like I'm missing the WHOLE FUCKING STORY!!! I git tales of before, I got tales of during, and I got tales of the aftermath, but HOW THE FUCK DID ALL THIS HAPPEN!?!?!?! I know how, I just wanna see it is all... Anyone know anything?

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Yeah, thats mean....TPB 1 just throws you right in; you really need to read "Legion Quest", the last X-arc before AoA to follow. Oh, and X-Men Alpha too...


Imagine those of us who just jumped in, halfway through the summer event years ago :D


As always, if you want a full rundown on the score, rather than waiting for the trades to set you right, just lemme know Skeet; i read that whoel damn arc.

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So has anyone bought the trade? 'Cause I'm reading it now, but still felling like I'm missing the WHOLE FUCKING STORY!!! I git tales of before, I got tales of during, and I got tales of the aftermath, but HOW THE FUCK DID ALL THIS HAPPEN!?!?!?! I know how, I just wanna see it is all... Anyone know anything?


Exactly why I usually hate those huge events...

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At 40+ issues, this was defintely one of those, but SB - its a great "What if" series, proly one of the more fun X-crossovers...did you ever get a chance to read at least the core books?


I hear X-Men: Legends 2 will include it, so if not, at least youll have a chance then. I assure you, it was way cooler than X-Custinoer's song, X-stinction Agenda, Phalanx, Onslaught, all the other 90's massive crossovers.

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Quick! We need money! Do it again!


low blow. There were clearly tales left to tell in Ultimate Marvel: the false start Heroes Reborn, like how Hulk grew hair that long and pretty, and when did Cap start wearing bras.

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