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There's nor forst rpoly mdanit, I'd fucj a cheesburger right now. at leaasddt o woulnt stare at it's fine asre for hours on end andwatch it get mauoled by a fortitiude-valley thor. knowing my lucj though.


think it's time for crunchy nut cornflakees. do you have those?

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Y'know, that's not the only sexual-type advert they've got down their pants.

If you're German and you see "Ich liebe es" written on the side of your multi-lingual I'm-lovin'-it cup, it means just about the same thing.

Even though it translates "I love it," that phrase is not even spoken to one's own children, lest your a 'lester. Strictly ta those who's gettin' tha hittin'.


Germans really say "I like that" or "I like my children," unless they're having sex with it. :D

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