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I heart Huckabees


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I remember askin bout this one when it was in theatres, and i wish i'dve gone to see it. First off, this is definitely not for everyone, but if you enjoyed, say, Waking Life, or even Being John Malkovich, you might dig it.


Amazon sums it up as:


...."an existential comedy," I Heart Huckabees is a flawed yet endearingly audacious screwball romp that dares to ponder life's biggest questions. Much of director David O. Russell's philosophical humor is dense, talky, and impenetrable, leading critic Roger Ebert to observe that "it leaves the viewer out of the loop," and suggesting that Russell's screenplay (written with his assistant, Jeff Baena) is admirably bold yet frustratingly undisciplined. Russell's ideas are big but his expression of them is frenetic, centering on the unlikely pairing of an environmentalist (Jason Schwartzman) and a firefighter (Mark Wahlberg) as they depend on existential detectives (Lily Tomlin, Dustin Hoffman) and a French nihilist (Isabelle Huppert) to make sense of their existential crises, brought on (respectively) by a two-faced chain-store executive (Jude Law) and his spokesmodel girlfriend (Naomi Watts), and the aftermath of 9/11's terrorism. No brief description can do justice to Russell's comedic conceit; you'll either be annoyed and mystified or elated and delighted by this wacky primer for coping with 21st century lunacy. Deserving of its mixed reviews, I Heart Huckabees is an audacious mess, like life itself, and accepting that is the key to enjoying both. --Jeff Shannon


That's very true. Its quite random, and all over the place, though i wouldnt say it comes off nearly arthouse or pretentious as Waking Life might, most likely due to random comedic moments (the dinner conversation's a highilight for me). Somewhere between Hoffman and Marky Mark playing this hardass, enviornmental firefighter, i decided i really wanna pick this one up & show it to people here & there, but again, if you're turned off by the works of Spike Jonze, approachable philosophy & dialogue and such, you prolly wont enjoy this one. Props again to miss Heartlessbitch for puttin me onto it.

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it does, doesnt it? see how approachable philosophy comes when Dustin Hoffman explains it...


Glad Jax & more of you saw this. I laughed the other day when i heard Marky Mark did some time back in the day for an assault charge; i could believe it in this flick, and again, he was awesome. Im surprised that was Rushmore, too.

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Oh man, that dinner scene kills me, especially when he goes "no, you shut up" and throws a potato at the father guy. I love this flick.


Here's somethin cool dante made of it,f or those fond of violent nihlism:



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