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the new cd is pretty damn good... i only have a copy of it because you had to have a stupid presale voucher to get it ... because it was sold out but its an awesome cd!


any NIN fans? besides the MH.. i know she likes them she made me the copy :D


I waited in line with my friend for over an hour for him to get his copy and talked to some crazy hardcore fans.. lol

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Damn, i didnt know it was out yet..so much for this gettin more hype than "fragile", thats a shame.


how is it? I used to be a huge NIN fan, heard a few singles off it...does it compare to downward spiral/pretty hate machine/broken etc? Ill prolly grab it either way, but thanks for the heads-up!

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oh its awesome... it just came out yesterday and rach made me a copy of it today... just a few hours ago.. but its all i can listen to..


and i only knew it came out because its all my friend jesse can talk about, so i would have been out of the NIN loop if he werent so obsessed :D

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It is amazing.

Cj downloaded it about a month ago, but I didn't listen to it until maybe a few days ago.

I..Well.. it's gorgeous.




If anyone wants it, I can send. Lyrics can be found RIGHT HERE


So far my favorite songs are:


All the love in the world

The Hand that Feeds


Right where it belongs


I'm definately going to be making tons of icons with these lyrics haha.


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  • 1 year later...

was gonna start a thread for them as a whole but i'll just work from here...


after seeing la lindsay say she had a new song for nick to play over and over again, i thought id bump this up... because they are an amazing band... and everyone should know this.... they're so good cash did a cover of one of their songs....


the temptation to do a "best album" poll is quite fierce... pretty hate machine ftw...



anyone else like these btw?

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I adore NIN, except for the songs Lindsay kills. Its tragic cuase theyre often off of Pretty Hate Machine.


DoJ, its a great idea for a poll man. Youd think Hate Machine'd take it, but dont throw out downwad spiral yet, its fucking classic too.


ps anyone else besides junker know about this site, the meathead perspective? Theyre a fucking trip if youre a reznor fan.

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Which one do you think is the best nine inch nails album...


Personally i'm torn between the live album and pretty hate machine... but i think hate machine edges it for me because its just so dark and gritty....


everyone else. discuss!


i hope the poll fuckin works


nope... fuck... nick.. how the fuck do you make polls?

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the poll that dodge coudlnt decipher how to create...you just gotta hit "poll options" when you make a new topic, man.


all good entries, but im thinknig its basically pretty hate machine vs downward spiral. i gotta think about it - also, this toipc should be all in lower caps, in good form.

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its not right how reznor's people let the fragile come out and junker had to tell me, thing had shit promotion comapred to when downward spiral came out in the mid 90's or so (when i actually got into them, i went back into pretty hate machine and adored it - good call on "sin", dodge).


youre right tho, i should give fragile a listen again soon. yet another fine entire discography i got from oink, god bless them when theyd do that - found all kindsa b-sides and mixes.

and yes, ima work on invites in the coming weeks..and thanks, had to cite the haols


as far as videos, by the way, his earliest ones (happiness in slavery, etc) are pretty disturbing, as is the full closer, but i dig ones like the perfect drug - still the first mp3 i recall ever having, ironically.

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the live version of sin almost beats the original... purely because of the intro... its spine tingling.... but yeah, i got into them about the time the fragile came out... bit before perhaps.... but it was the first album of theirs i listened to fully.. i was somewhat entranced by it... but i heard hate machine shortly afterwards and was blown the fuck away....


i got the entire halo collection off demonoid... though the b-sides and mixes have me intrigued nick... i must have these...


as for videos, i can honestly say, i'm yet to see any of them... are they worth checking out?


sin is a fuckin great song.... one of my favorites

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i'd have to go with downward spiral all the way. biased as i am, seeing it was the first cd of theirs i bought... but i loved it! i'd still give it a listen if joel hadn't lost all my cd's like 2 yrs ago.


i used to listen to that cd from start to finish before and after school with my loser rocker friends by a huge tree (thay they later removed to put up a whole new friggin building) at my middle school. lol man... i hadn't thought about that in years :eh:


great... now i have to go rummage through limewire to burn the cd. thanks ross. :secret:



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hah - howd arch lose your discs? i can make you a copy of that one if you cant dig it up.


i had left the cd's with him, a huge book of 240-some cds most of the doubled, some tripled in the slots... and they borrowed them for some party for his sister i believe.... they never showed up again. oddly enough, his brother has one of the 2 Live crew cd's that were part of my awesome collection of doom.... arch refused to take the matter any further. :misty:





and i would so be your "bestest friend 4 life" if you could get me a copy!!! ;)

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  • 2 months later...

Ok, so I'm about to make a loooooong story short. Nine Inch Nails has a new album coming out in April. "Year Zero", the name of the album, is a fairly conceptual album, yadda yadda yadda.


Anyways, when the new tour kicked off, some people noticed that one of the shirts had some highlighted letters, which ended up spelling "i am trying to believe". Someone out there tried it as a .com address, and lo and behold, it worked.


Link 1: iamtryingtobelieve.com


Shirt in question: tourtshirt.jpg



Anyway, as the next few days continued, a number of other sites were found:


Link 2: Another Version of the Truth

Link 3: Be The Hammer

Link 4: 105th Airborne Crusaders

Link 5: Church of Plano

Link 6: Mailbox of user "nooneimportant"

Link 7: Another Version of the Truth - Forum



A couple nights ago, another shirt was found, this time with highlighted numbers on the back of it. They actually assemble a phone number: 1-310-295-1040, which is based in Los Angeles, and if you call it, you get to hear a pretty interesting (ie, fucked up) message.


Second shirt in question: nintourshirt.jpg



Anyways, read through the sites, discuss amongst yourselves. I've been keeping an eye on this forum as it seems some details have been leaked straight to them.


Oh, yeah, before I go...two tracks leaked through the game (which has the obvious permission and involvement from NIN, Trent, the record label, etc.)


My Violent Heart - Be wary of the last 2 seconds of the song, it's a huge blast of sound that actually ends up being an image through a spectrograph.


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