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Who's the greatest drummer ...of all time?  

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Neil Peart from Rush is definitely a favorite of mine, but I find one omission very bizarre. When I hear "greatest drummer of all time" if there is one name that I hear more than John Bohnam it's Keith Moon. What the fuck? Why no Keith Moon? I mean, I think Mitch Mitchell took Keith's own style to a new level in 1967, but Keith invented that erratic style, and reraised the bar in 1971. Nobody did drum fills like him.


That said, my vote actually goes to Electric Mayhem's own....



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Jan Axel Blomberg. "Hellhammer"



he wears those huge boots to slow himself down, if he didnt wear them, he would play so fast everyone in the room would die



Shoutout to Grohl. His band might be boring, hollow and irrelevant since the mid-90's, but he's a fucking beast on the drums.

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To comment on Logans post as I didn't see it before I posted, Hellhammer is not JUST a blastbeat drummer. He can do jazz, hip-hop, other types of drumming. I don't know how well these would be accepted as compared to some of the "greats" of today, but he isn't just a dude who sits and practices going as fast as he can all the time. He has technique. He can also do one handed toms rolls and fills with his eyes closed.


And Grohl was a fucking machine. He was clean, spot on and as close to perfect as you can get without being a drum machine. I had nothing but love for him until he decided he would be a better singer.


Then there is this guy...


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