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MH we all mess around first, but sometimes SoF might look at me in a certain way thats when we go straight into it.


C&J i have had feelings for girls before but nothing ever happened, althought i did snog my best friend and SoF didn't like that

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i really don't reccomend doing it in the shower if your guy is a lt taller and he has to lift you up, tends to be very slippy.


An alternative to this would be a bath, you can balance yourself against the wall while your feet rest on the opposit ledge! Get you guy to let you sit on him and gently get into your groove,


I love that one.


well it ain't as green as it used to be, Ireland is becoming very built up lately. I'll work on the pictures.


Def if i were you i'd avoid eye contact with groups of girls, they tend to be nasty, and don't be rowdy

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Def, do not, get involved in political discussion in a bar, its never a good idea...


To get a feel for the Royal County of Meath in which me and nanno live, check out Meath Tourism


There are still some parts of the country which are truly breathtaking... like the Hill of Tara,

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