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MH we all mess around first, but sometimes SoF might look at me in a certain way thats when we go straight into it.


C&J i have had feelings for girls before but nothing ever happened, althought i did snog my best friend and SoF didn't like that

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i really don't reccomend doing it in the shower if your guy is a lt taller and he has to lift you up, tends to be very slippy.


An alternative to this would be a bath, you can balance yourself against the wall while your feet rest on the opposit ledge! Get you guy to let you sit on him and gently get into your groove,


I love that one.


well it ain't as green as it used to be, Ireland is becoming very built up lately. I'll work on the pictures.


Def if i were you i'd avoid eye contact with groups of girls, they tend to be nasty, and don't be rowdy

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