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That just ain't right...


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Wow so many moral people here. Personally I think it'd be a great prank to go round Catholic primary schools and replace all the Crucifixes with Jack-Hammer-Jesus'.


From the site:


Jesus was a carpenter,

Now he's the powertool.

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hahah if I had money I would totally buy the whole collection.




post Today, 01:44 PM


i think it's rather tasteless. rather insulting, actually.


do ppl actually use these??


hm, well... to each his own, right?


why wouldn't they use them? It's just silicone in the likeness of something, it's just a toy.

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ChristyandJake,Oct 18 2005, 08:18 PM]


why wouldn't they use them? It's just silicone in the likeness of something, it's just a toy.



Even though it's really just plastic, it's the symbol it projects....


In response I just want to say...

I think it's wrong because it's offensive to some people. Even most people. Especially the "religious". I'm catholic- i think it's wrong. It's sacrilegious and tastless. But that's the whole point of selling something like that....for shock value per se. Anything that contrasts 2 issues that clash (like religion/obscene sex toy) together will ultimately cause people to either be more "aroused" by it or "totally offended."


IMO it is obscene, whether or not you are "religious" or even have a small amount of respect for God you can understand that that is just tasteless. I mean would you buy a "Budda-shaped" anal beads? No, it's morally wrong and disrespectful of the "higher power."


And I am free to feel this way and post this as I cite.................




Case law in review-

Commonwealth of Heartlessbitch VS. Republic of Archangel


This is just my opinion and does not shape my "opinion" of board members on this issue either way. You are free to comment or write a dissenting opinion on your own views...

Peace and Love................. MM. :???:




PS: I still love you Christy you moraless devil! :2T:

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Reggaeton is a relatively new genre of dance music that has become popular in Puerto Rico over the last decade. The name is derived from the reggae music of Jamaica which influenced reggaeton's dance beat. Reggaeton was also heavily infuenced by other Puerto Rican music genres and by urban hip-hop music craze in the United States.


The variety of musical influences on the development of reggaeton led one observer (James Farber of the NY Daily News) to call it a "cultural polyglot".


As is the case with hip-hop music in the United States, reggaeton appeals primarily to youths. In Puerto Rico, youths were inspired to create reggaeton, after hearing Panamanian artists performing raps in Spanish styled after Jamaican dance-hall raps, adding native bomba and salsa, rhythms. The result can be heard in this example: Reggaeton Mix 1 by the Florida based band, BariMix.



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