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I flipped on HBO's comedy special last night and but two New Zealand guys who played guitars and called themselves "Flight of the Conchords" were on.


Anyone see them? I thought they were hilarious! Funny, Funny stuff.laughing.gif


A very original act featuring a quirky performance by New Zealand folk-parody duo Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie who earned raves at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Melbourne Comedy Festival and who won the Bass Ale Award for Best Alternative Act at the 2005 U.S. Comedy Arts Festival.


With a friendly & charismatic appearance they performed many witty & ridiculous tunes including the links I've uploaded below from the DVR.


What you all think of comedians who play instruments on stage? Purists might not like it, but I tend to enjoy it, and the audience does too.


Mp3 Links- Enjoy. :hmm:


Buisness Time


Think About It, Think, Think About It





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Flight of the Conchords have put up a website on the internet. A spokesman from the band (Bret) said it there was a five year delay launching the website online due to a 'disagreement'. Apparently there was debate over how many times letter 'W' should appear in the 'WWW' part of the web address. While Bret wanted four making the domain name wwww.conchords.co.nz Jemaine was vying for seven with wwwwwww.conchords.co.nz. It turns out that you're only allowed three anyway.


Flight of the Conchords Official Site




HBO re-runs The Flight of the Conchords episode of One Night Stand and it will be repeated for those of you with HBO all through October and November. In case you don’t have HBO, it will also be appearing on Comedy Central in the near future as well.




HBO Comedy Lineup

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