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So, the following members are being offered moderation positions. For those that dont know, this basically means your name gets slapped onto a corner, and keeping it interestin is your job. You can edit things, pin them, move them, and not much else. It's a hoot.

Here's who's up (if they like) and where i suggest, tho they can ask for somethin else if they want...im picky, tho.


Skeeter - Comics

Christy&Jake - Powder Room?

archangel - Politics

MusicManiac - Music?

TulipO - Pubs, mebbe Culture?

Nanno, acalis - Crap Shack

Jont, PoD, Ruby's - Pimp Hand? i really donrt know.


Also, id invite WhoDey to sports if he likes, mebbe Karaswims for...anything.


Lemme know what you people think.

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alright guys, ill add everyone later today!

2T - you sure? we need your name around this place, man. 98% of people find us with keywords like "kake" and "costner", but the other 2%? all you, m'man.


*edit: all done, basically, just gotta figure out where to, uh, stick PoD.... :blink:

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  • 1 year later...

wow...we haven't been here in a while....


anywho: In all seriousness.


Oh Great and Powerful (absentee) Mod of Hondos, I beseech thee to make clear your laws concerning the governance of your people.


Recently there was a flare up in the Politics Forum (big surprise, eh?) concerning whether or not jokes about the dead should be made in a thread honoring the dead (specifically, those who died at the VT Massacre while saving others, and one who lived). Being highly offended by a comment made by Brother Jont, I moved his offensive post to a more...suitable location (much to Brother 2Track's lament): The Crap Shack.


There have been those who think the move a good idea, those who think it a bad idea, and those who think this akin to the Gestapo.


What say you, Oh Great and Wise Admin?

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Im gonna quote my part of the PM:


its sketcy cause on one hand, you ddint censor. you relocated off-topic talk.

but, your policy on respecting the dead, as l'obo pointed out, is inconsistent...you know what? you shoudl quote this PM and make a topic in Suggestion Box, so i can clear up whatever nuances there are on moderation & policy before i finally do so on the FAQ.


were discussing your policy over here, so lets talk about just the action.


Its your corner, and it wasnt censoring, technically, so i see it as ok, though you have to be clear on policies such as that. As mentioned, it'd need consistency, and it woudl run into trouble if members feel any opinions other than homage/praise on a given situation/person was being driven from the topic and therefore unfit to discuss, so its open to debate per situation. That's where it gets mucky with indivdiual forum/mod policies.


But to clear up any confusion: editing doesnt fly. Yes, there are mdoerators who've edited the words of others, and theyve most often lost their ability to edit. This of course doesnt count in instances of satire like when Skeet usually adds a line to what you wrote or something, but if your words were taken away becasue another took offense or didnt agree/etc then that would violate our overall policy.


Basically, the powers of a mod (like a state) extend insofar as they dont encroach upon the board policy (fed) of censoring, and if Jont or others feel you did that in that instance, this'd be the place for them to vent such a complaint, which i havent seen any of.


As for non-policy mod-talk: ASC was asking to help mod Culture, im thinking there's one too many names there but im looking to add him soon as well. Most corners we have now are well moderated with at least 1 active member, and Jax & MH have been picking up the slack either way, too.

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Heh...well, he's off games, but he'll stay on music for a while. I mean, he did contribute & was a member here for a while, still is, and people like you that loved hondo's jesus so much can see it as "never forget".

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