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A gif of my choice would be Martin Sheen rising out of the mud in Apocalypse Now. In fact anything animated from Apolcalypse Now would do.


I remember seeing an amazing series of pictures a while ago wonder if anyone has? It's a car that falls into a river or something, a crane tries to lift it out, anf falls in also, so a huge crane is called. Makes sense if you know them.

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is it the motivation office dance where it says something like "You're No.1!" or "You're a winner!"? I forgot who had that but it was posted somewhere in this thread. I got really excited when I saw the bunny avatars and instantly had to add it as my sig.


I remember when that happened on funny news! They made a animated gif of it? awesome I hope someone finds it :devil:


*EDIT: err not this thread the new avatar thread :p*

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