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Pandora.com - Coolest thing ever?


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Just found what could be the coolest website I have been to in a while, it's called Pandora. What it does is allows you to put in a song or artist you like and it searches through its database for similar musical stylings and creates a radio station based on it. It's a great way to find new music.


Anyone else try this out yet?




Pretty friggen cool

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Yeah, its not perfect. But does have some fairly obscure stuff. Gave me Therapy? as a similar artist to Nirvana, who are an Irish band I wasn't aware anyone in the US had heard of. Pretty cool.


Has asked me to register now. Can you do it and continue using the service without paying, or is it $$ from here on out?

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Not bad though it has a tendency to send me lizards. Because of course being a SoaD fan means I'm gonna fucking love 'Ultraspank' and 'Kreator', makes me think 'why did you play this song?!' :pimp:


The 10 skips an hour thing is harsh at times (especially at Ultraspank-time) but at least it gives me a bunch of Muse album tracks I haven't heard and once in a while throws out real gems. :)

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