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Somewhere in the musical chasm between the Superrock of Led Zeppelin and the Homoballadry of Elton John, there is Queen. Ask 20 different laymen what their favorite Queen song is and you're libale to get 20 different answers. While Bohemian Rhapsody stand unchallenged as their most popular song (though some fools might argue We Will Rock You/We Are The Champions is a more popular song), they have a seemingly endless catalog of great tunes in all different style. About 4 years ago, I had a poll for best non-Bohemian Queen song and back when there were only 10 poll choices, it was a traveshamockery.


So, what's your favorite Queen song? Why? What do you like about Queen?


My three favorites are Somebody to Love, Bicycle Race and Death On Two Legs (Dedicated to...). When it comes to singing in the shower, few can touch Queen.

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My first exposure to Queen must've been We Will Rock You, although I didn't realize it was a Queen song until later on. Then the 80s Flash Gordon theme song was on heavy rotation as a kid. And of course like most that were adolescents in the 90s, I became a full fledged Queen fan after the Bohemian Rhapsody scene in Wayne's World. So those would have to be the top three most important or most influential songs as far as me becoming a fan of their music. Top 3 "favorite" songs, well that's a much tougher one. I'll need to percolate on that one for a bit.


Homoballadry of Elton John

Does that make Sir Elton a homoballadeer? George Michael? Frank Ocean?


When it comes to singing in the shower, few can touch Queen.



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