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What was the last gig/concert you were at

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The Police @ Croker last night


Before that it was the Foo Fighters @ Marlay Park


Both Quality gigs!


musta been, id be down to see either. Police tickets here a few months back started at $100+. Hey wayne, you ever caught Prodigy?


Mine was Rock the Bells - didnt catcht the show with Rage, but Immortal Technique, Blackstar, Common, Nas & Wu-Tang are among the greatest of all time, so it was my favorite concert thus far.

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Hey wayne, you ever caught Prodigy?


Have i what, i've seen em every time they've played Ireland, and a couple of times in the UK too.

Rumour has it they are in the Studio working on the next album, they are without doubt one of the best live bands i've ever seen. if they play near you ever, you have to go see them!


Yeah the tickets for the Police were pricey enough €126 for a ticket in the stand, great unobstructed view though and in fairness they were great.

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Yeah,it was a really good gig.

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Ultra Music Festival 10

Fri: Boys Noise, Keevens, BT, The Crystal Method, Rabbit in the Moon, Jackal & Hyde and Carl Cox


Sat: Underworld, Ferry Corsten, Erick Morillo, Pete Tong, Krafty Kuts, Stanton Warriors


and other bands I can't remember as I walked from venue to venue.

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shit, i hear it was like $100 but idve wanted to see Underworld, BT, Rabbit in the Moon, and some of Crystal Method. if they ever add Orbital, Chicane and say, Ministry of Sound for good measure, id be down.

Wonder why Oakenfold didnt come this year, isnt he like a staple of the event?

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Saw One Republic and Fabolous (weird mix. huh?) at a free show at FIU last week. Seen Fab years ago and One Republic ("too late to apologize" fame) was surprizingly good. The best part of the night was when some poeple workin' an XBOX 360 booth gave me a free GAME! Big ups to those folks, fa reals!

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