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Radiohead's new album, IN RAINBOWS, was released today as a digital download.


You can purchase it via http://www.inrainbows.com/ , or, with a little detective work, you can find sites hosting the .zip file with all the songs. They pop up and are taken down pretty fast, so move with the quickness.


Tip: I searched Google for: Sendspace "In Rainbows"







So I'm planning to have a mini listening party with my buddy Brian, who is the only other majorly huge RH fan I know, but I've heard about 80% of the album and really dig it.


Musically, I'd compare it more to the KID A and Amnesiac era, mainly because of its experimental sound, but way more accessible than either of those records-- much less cold and clinical. Also, it's much less bleak than Hail to the Thief is, so it's a much easier listen. I can imagine putting this one on whenever, instead of HttT, which is so dark that I have to be in a certain mood to listen to it.


IN RAINBOWS is very pretty. Yorke's voice is gorgeous, and the band has perfected using it as another instrument. More often than not, the lyrics aren't as important as the sounds he can make. There is orchestration, but there are some really killer riffs in there, too.



My favorite tracks (so far):



"Weird Fishes/Arpeggi"

"All I Need"

"Faust ARP"

"House of Cards"




If you've got it, what do ya think?

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So I've heard the whole album and it's Radiohead's best since the OK Computer/How's My Driving-Com Lag EP era.


While I love all of their records, IN RAINBOWS is definitely one of the most cohesive they've ever put out. It flows much more organically than KID A and Amnesiac, with each track complimenting the previous... it's so easy to listen to the whole way through, and honestly speaking, it's hard to turn it off. There are absolutely no skippable songs.


For the RH fans that haven't checked it out yet, but are planning to, I HIGHLY recommend listening to the album multiple times. The first listen is overwhelming, so it doesn't even count. If you can, listen to it alone on an iPod, where you can crank it up and really dissect all of the sounds. I did this last night, and it was amazing... I just surfed the Web, but didn't do any heavy reading to distract me. I pretty much just looked at robots made out of LEGOs. :mad:


Also, IN RAINBOWS is excellent driving music. It's absolutely gorgeous outside today, so I rolled down the windows and blasted Radiohead on the way to work... the only problem was that when I got there, I didn't want to get out of the car. The music was too good. :cheers:

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Radiohead recording new album this winter

a real, physical one, no less. due out in 2010.


Sorry, but the page you were looking for is not here.


[weeping.] [weeping.]


Totally psyched if it's happening, but I'd expect a Thom Yorke solo record before. He's recently been playing those buzzed-about shows with Flea, Joey Waronker (Beck's drummer), and Nigel Godrich as his backing band, and planning more dates.


Either way, happy times-a.



PS- I completely forgot I started this thread. Too much of the booze has seeped into my brain.

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oh, the last album got a physical release? i thought it was download-only, huh. still havent yet heard it.


Yeah, the In Rainbows CD came out a couple months after the download, and still managed to be #1 in sales. I downloaded the album to hold me over until the actual physical release, since I prefer to have tangible copies of music.

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