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Have you ever thought to yourself if 2 or more actors decided to do a movie together, how bad-ass it would be, but the only problem is one or both of them are dead? Like I always wondered how awesome it would've been if Bruce Lee had still been alive, and to see him and Jackie Chan do a movie together--hell I would pay good money just to see it! Well I decided to come up with a thread where you come up with your ideal movie. You pick the Genre, and you decide which actors/actress (regardless of age or if they are still alive or not) would be in it. Also you can decide at what level of their career they could be in, like they could be young at their prime, or they could be older to help the character. NO LIMIT!


Here's an example. I'd love to see a Western with all of the following actors together:


Clint Eastwood

John Wayne

Sam Elliot

Lee Van Cleef

Lee Marvin

Eli Wallach

Grace Kelly

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You know what would be really fucking awesome? If the Zucker Brothers did a movie parodying several of the most popular horror movies of the time and it would star Leslie Nielsen, Charlie Sheen, and Jamie Kennedy and... :misty: Oh... never mind.

Well if you have a better idea for a western, then by all means post your dream-team cast. That's the whole point of this thread.
McQueen, peh! Where's BRONSON!?
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A Martial Arts Chinese movie with:


Bruce Lee

Jackie Chan

Jet Li

Chow Yun Fat

Pat Morita

Samo Hong

Michelle Yeoh

Zi Yi Zhang (the girl from Memoirs of a Geisha)

Ke Huy Quan (Short Round from Indiana Jones: Temple of Doom)

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damn, i saw that one film of his and totally forgot about Jaa, good call.

still, acal had some good names there, as long as Chow has guns. im happy with most anything with Yeoh in it. Let's add Sonny Chiba for good measure.

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Faded Blue


Genre: Buddy Cop movie


Director: Paul Verhoeven (Robocop, Total Recall, Starship Troopers)


Setting: Gateway City (fictitious location)


Plot: Two veteran partners on the force Dutch (Full Metal Jacket's R. Lee Ermey) and Murphy (Gary Busey) struggle to prove their worth to the city. Dutch is a grizzled fount of anger with a tendency to shoot first and ask questions later and Murphy is just a lunatic with a gun. But they're truly put to the test when they witness a crooked detective with a heroic reputation (Ed O'Neil) assisting a gun running operation between a European mobster (Alan Rickman) and an Italian wiseguy (as of now uncast). Dutch and Murphy now have to topple the operation on their own and prove their worth to the force once and for all before they're forced to retire.


Principal Characters:

Carter Dutch (R. Lee Ermey) - Dutch is a quick tempered and very angry man with a thunderous voice and a tendency to solve all of his problems with violence. Like a combination between Sgt. Hartman and Harry Callahan. Dutch is slightly older than Murphy but only by a few years.


Buck Murphy (Gary Busey) - Murphy is a lunatic, he's not so much courageous as he just seems to have a death wish and seems to not care what kind of danger he gets himself into.


Chief Rendell (Larry Drake) - He served with Murphy and Dutch for years but now feels that the two men are overdue for retirement. Rendell is a very snide and self-absorbed man and doesn't have much love for any of his officers that aren't being awarded by the city for service.


Carl Lewis (Harry Morgan) - Dutch's former partner and mentor. Lewis is long retired from the force but has remained friends through the years, they gather together every Thursday night to play checkers. Dutch often consults Lewis on cases which he is currently working.


Frank J. Kearney (Ed O'Neil) - Known citywide as a heroic detective, a veritable Elliot Ness of the 21st century. He's toppled numerous crime syndicates and made hundreds of arrests, but he is a tool of every criminal with enough money in the city. He works with the criminals and when they stiff him he makes sure they're put in prison. Is blackmailing every mob boss, druggie, pimp, and criminal in the city.


Marcus McCormack (Alan Rickman) - Formerly a contract killer, he rose through the ranks and eventually became a revered crime boss in London. Currently he's running a black market gun smuggling operation from the US to England. Marcus is a calm man and articulate man with very fine tastes who enjoys fine wine and tends to quote Shakespeare. Marcus won't use a gun himself, preferring to kill men with a knife as it is "more honorable."


"Lucas the Kid" Luke Giordano (Originally it was supposed to be Chris Penn but seeing as he's dead I'm open to suggestions) - A baby-faced mobster with a Napoleon complex. He hates it when people look down on him and tends to lash out at anyone who sees him as anything other than vastly superior. Luke is also a huge coward and has several phobias and fears. Extremely violent, like Jim Bruer's version of Joe Pesci.



I actually am working on a screenplay for this. Kind of a Lethal Weapon 20 years later type of movie. There are other characters, obviously. A female lead, various bit parts, and other police officers as well as criminals I just haven't fleshed them out as much yet.

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