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Man I can't believe this thread got buried with no love. Folks've gotta check this show out, and if you're incredibly fanboyish like me, squint real hard, take a step back and rattle your head around a little before watching and you'll see a fairly rough analogue of Spider Jerusalem, trading gratuidous drugs for gratuidous sex, complete with an ackward filthy assistant and terrible but lovable editor(fuck it, that's just about any story where the main character's a journo but I feel my point's still valid). Duchovny shines in this, despite the cheeseball ending to season 1 that I'm betting everything is a dream sequence(otherwise it'd be the end of the series completely as it's a logical closure).

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They're aural sodomy with strung out lead singer lady who your worse half used to (and possibly still does) have a thing for. They're a kinda punk version of hole, and about as bad.


On topic, great series from what i've caught.


Hahaha Oh he's gonna geddit for tha-oh wait. We were jerking off overthe same image of her the other day. :)


Hey man, Josh Homme can't be all wrong. Megz? It's the same slightly inbred look Meg White has. Like her parents were 1st cousins or half siblings.

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Awesome. I kinda unnaturally welded two radio jokes together there and hoped you'd pick up that one at least. *high Fives*


Back on topic though, Brodie Whatsit's alright in a drugged-out Suicide corpse kinda way.


Also though, Mia, that hot piece of arse who provides a good anologue of Yelena Rossini is actually the hot-as-shit growed up version of little Gracie off the Nanny...




Mmm... Fucking and Punching indeed.

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