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Watched this recently with StillBored and was very pleased on the gamble of buying it new. Alan said it reminded him of "Pan's Labyrinth" in some ways, but I still havn't seen it yet. Very cool spookey/in a big house/scary kids sorta flick. Its originally in spanish, but for those to lazy to read subtitles I believe the dvd also has english dubbing, would strongly recommend if you like spooky movies.


Anyone else catch this?



IMDB Listing


Foreign Trailer



American Trailer


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The above videos are dead.



Saw this last night, and the trailer really doesn't do this film justice. I can't remember the last time I was genuinely scared for a character in a horror film, this one got me. I'm not sure if I was just in the right mindset for a good scare, but this film gave me chills.


Excellent but simple story, great acting with genuine scares, nice slow pace to allow for building of tension and a refreshing lack of cheap scares.


Highly recommended.



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