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got it... infamous g-man line from half life two


The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world.


i was thinking of also "man of few words, arent you" just to annoy 2track (that also being another line from half life 2)

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This is the jacuzzi I was talking about in the "Better Watch Out" episode...


Step 1- Approach Asshole in tub with whores.


Step 2- Have 'baller cocked and loaded.


Step 3- Preceed to fire said 'baller at the bottom of jacuzzi containing asshole and whore company.


Step 4 - Watch said Asshole and whores circle the drain as it flushes out over the mountainside.


Step 5- Get ready to run and gun.








Fuck that, Im off to go play! :blink:

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no AIM from work, but if you want, i can get you the link to the torrent, prolly offa mininova.org...

i might move some of this to the grimey games thread, or some other random game talk one.

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