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Platinum working on TMNT next!!

Australia's classification board has a listing for a multiplatform game called Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan and, hot damn, it's developed by Platinum Games.

Question is, will its scope fall more in line with The Legend of Korra or Transformers: Devastation? This game will also be published by Activision, according to the listing. And with all of the different forms TMNT has taken over the years, you have to wonder what the art direction be here.

Platinum has taken on a good deal of work in recent memory. Next year alone, the studio will have Star Fox Zero for Nintendo, Scalebound for Microsoft, and Nier: Automata for Square Enix.

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this is fantastic news


honestly with Platinum making such great but poor selling games, i was worried they'd stay afloat but post MGS Rising, they're getting all kinds of licenses...overjoyed that they're on Nier, but this is such a great fit right here

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I hopes it's structure is similar to the original NES game. Despite the insane difficulty - I loved the overworld / underworld game design. Giant map w/ buildings to explore and the freedom to pop down a manhole and fight down in the sewers - it'd be awesome to travel / explore the city using a connected sewer system and have the option to drive around in the party wagon.


A straight-up old-school arcade beat 'em up would be cool - but if they expanded those mechanics w/ the premise of what the original NES game was, that would be great.


I hope a good turtles game is coming - been too damn long.

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Came out Jan 26! Reviews are split - ranging from: '(yaaawn) another Lego game' to 'the ultimate Lego Marvel experience'.


From what I've seen - I'm gettin' this mo' fo'.






It seems to be focused on the Marvel cinematic universe and you play through all the films: Iron Man 1, 2, 3 - Thor, Dark World, ect. - leading up to Age of Ultron...but, from what I've read, no Guardians of the Galaxy stages.


I haven't checked the full roster of playable characters, yet - but (shrugs) I think I can handle it if Spidey wasn't in it. With these Lego games - just give 'em a month or so, the price'll eventually drop to 20 - 30 bucks.


I got Lego Marvel Super Heroes - that was an insanely awesome roster! Like, damn!








Oh - hell, yeah!


I also got Lego Star Wars: the Compete Saga, LOTR, Batman, Batman 2: DC Super Heroes - (I want the 3rd one...Beyond Gotham) and Jurassic World. The LOTR one is simply amazing. Best film to game translation...ever! LOL

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ODDWORLD: New n' Tasty on the Wii U eShop on Feb 11 for $19.99!!!


Sez it's an introductory price until Feb 25.


Not finding any word on a physical retail copy...




EDIT: I'm downloading it now - it was $14.99 Guess $19.99 is the regular price.

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It's on sale right now for $2.40


It was impressive back then - and this remaster is insanely awesome. Like the Lucasarts point-n-click remasters, you can hit a button and toggle between the old graphics and the update. Also has the original tunes and a remastered version.


If you dig Limbo (simple game design, puzzle solving and a shit-load of quick deaths) this is worth the 2 bucks.


Also, Super Mario RPG just came out on Virtual Console.



Startropics also got some VC-love a couple o' weeks ago. Finally.


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Oh. My. Gaaaaaaaaawd!!!


I am making my dream project: Roger Rabbit NES remake! Updated sprites, accurate Toon Town / LA interiors...Valiant n' Valiant, ACME Warehouse, Ink n' Paint Club...omigod.omigod.omigod.


Anybody else interested? What worlds / towns would you build?

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