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  1. And why not make the other fifth supermods. We just feel left out at this stage.
  2. Rossmcd86 - SW 8053 0879 5500
  3. I'll be you next week buddy.... And I can't fucking wait.
  4. Jonah Hill owning a delicatessen is absolute gold for me. Very good season over all and I've my fingers tentatively crossed for more in the distant future.
  5. I'll update it arrives. Also (not the place for this I guess) that Winamp & Netscape in your signature is fucking nostalgia up the wall.
  6. Heh poop! That looks pretty incredible though. I'm dying to get in on the VR thing. For now, I've bought myself a switch with Animal Crossing & Zelda Breath of the wild to entertain myself during all this craziness. Will report back with findings.
  7. I've been replaying Skyrim for the first time with the DLC. Its quite comforting just as its familiar and its a bit mindless in parts, but its also brilliant as even now 8 years on, I'm finding new shit in the game I never found my first few playthroughs. The DLC is also pretty excellent.
  8. Pretty much this. I'd almost rather not see any trailer and just have the movie fresh without any teasing.
  9. So what's a guy gotta do around here to get himself some warning points?
  10. Apologies, I'm a touch late to to game on this. I do love doing these though as it gets me to think back on what I really loved in the last year. What was your favorite live event (concert, sporting event, play, festival, convention, etc.) you attended in 2019? Probably the Public Service Broadcasting gig early in the year. Really really good live band with some audio-visual in there too. Favorite musical artist of 2019? According to Spotify, Father John Misty. I'd agree with Spotify here. He's truly amazing with how he constructs songs and his lyrics are both inspired
  11. Legit one of the best shows I've ever watched. PWB is incredible and so are the cast around her, especially Andrew Scott in Season 2. I actually went to a live screening of the 1 woman theatre show she did of this also. Was hilarious.
  12. This is the best space western since Firefly?
  13. Not gonna lie. I'm more than a little sad that Drifter didn't bump my birthday thread a few days ago.
  14. I can understand specifically for Japanese food where freshness and quality of fish is imperative. I'm always surprised that North African/Middle Eastern/Indian food is so reasonable considering the price of some of the spices and ingredients used. Saffron's a bitch yo. As for french food, maybe butter's pricy in the states?
  15. Oh the most inaccessible of all platforms too. Fuck you Gaben.
  16. ... Are they not a very similar thing? I don't think we have kickball in Ireland.
  17. You'll be fine. Just remember the 5 D's. Dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge!
  18. I play basketball with work colleagues regularly. Its a good reminder of how woefully out of shape I am but how I'm progressing with each week.
  19. So.... On the plus side, Reznor & Ross are doing an (as expected) excellent job on the OST of it.
  20. I feel like in 4.3 more years when its officially funny, I'll be happy with this.
  21. Will it be Nic Cage & Nic Cage supported by Nic Cage and directed by Nic Cage? I'd be okay with Nic Cage.
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